History and Mission

Team End ALZ is the official athletics program of the Alzheimer’s Association Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter. The program was created for athletes of all abilities to help them successfully achieve their goal of completing an endurance event while raising funds for Alzheimer’s disease.

Our inaugural event was in April 2001 when 10 participants ran the Boston Marathon. Collectively they raised $28,000. In 2006, the Alzheimer’s Association was selected as an official charity of the Boston Marathon and is now a proud partner of the John Hancock Non-Profit Program. Today, Team End ALZ is also an official charity partner for a variety of road races, including the New Balance Falmouth Road Race, Boston’s Run to Remember and the Mine Falls Trail Running Festival. Additionally, we offer support to individuals who wish to run any event of their choice and fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Association through out Run Your Own Race option.

Since the program began, over $7.5M has been raised by athletes towards the Alzheimer’s Association mission. We invite individuals of all ages and abilities to join Team End ALZ as a participant or volunteer at one of our races, or by making a donation to our program. Our athletes join together to meet the same goal: to #endALZ.



What is Team End ALZ?
Team End ALZ is the official athletics fundraising program of the Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter. It consists of three categories – Run events, the RIDE to End Alzheimer’s and Triathlons. It was previously named RUN TRI RIDE to End Alzheimer’s.

I've never signed up for an event like this before, are beginners welcome?
Yes! We welcome athletes of all levels and experience. Our marathon program includes a personal coach who will help design a program just for you and your fitness level. We also provide nutrition and injury prevention clinics, as well as yoga, strength, and cross training clinics.

I want to participate. How do I register for Team End ALZ events?
For Run or Triathlon events, just go to the menu on the top of this page and find your race under EVENTS. If the event is open for registration, you will find instructions on how to register. For the RIDE to End Alzheimer’s, please visit www.ridetoendalzheimers.org.


To whom should my donors make checks payable?
Please print, complete and include this form with your donation.
Checks should be payable to: Alzheimer’s Association

And mailed to:
Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter
Attn: Team End ALZ
309 Waverley Oaks Road
Waltham MA 02452

Important note: In order for us to properly credit the correct participant you wish to support please make sure you include this form or a note with your check indicating which event and participant it’s for.

What is the fundraising commitment for Team End ALZ events?
Each event has a different fundraising commitment. Please see our Fundraising Tips page for some helpful hints and refer to each event page for it’s specific fundraising requirement.

How do I donate to a participant online?
For Run or Triathlon events, just go to the menu on the top of this page and find your event under EVENTS. If the event is open for donations, you will find a link to donate to a participant or to the event in general. For the RIDE to End Alzhiemer’s, please visit www.ridetoendalzheimers.org

If I mail checks to an office, will those donors be listed on my online donation page?
Yes! Be sure to mail your check donations to the address below along with this completed form. It takes up to 10 business days to update your page.

Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH
Attn: Team End ALZ
309 Waverley Oaks Road
Waltham, MA 02452

What is a personal page?
Your personal fundraising page is the best and easiest way to collect donations! You can share it via social media and email or text the link to your friends and family. Your donors can make a donation directly to you and your page is instantly credited and updated! Be sure to personalize your fundraising webpage with photos and an explanation as to why you are participating in the event!

I have a personal page created for me. Do I have to change it?
You can upload a photo and customize the messaging. Personalizing your fundraising page leads to an increase in donations. Update your page to share your story and why you are participating. It isn’t mandatory to update your page, but it gives potential donors more information on the importance of your fundraising efforts and can lead to greater success. Those who personalize their pages raise 50% more than those who don’t!

I forgot my username and password.
Use the password reset link on the Convio webpage to reset your username and/or password. If you require additional assistance, please call the Alzheimer’s Association office at 617.868.8718 and the Team End ALZ staff will help you.

How do I change my personal fundraising goal?
After you login to your personal fundraising page, click on “Your Participant Center”. On this page you can update your goal and more!

What if I exceed the fundraising minimum?
Increase your goal and keep up the great work!! Donors are more likely to contribute if they see that you are still reaching towards a goal. Based on each event, we have special incentive prizes for those who hit their fundraising goals and exceed it.

Where can I find a receipt to give my donors who give me a small cash donation?
Every donation processed by the Alzheimer’s Association will receive a tax receipt and acknowledgment letter sent directly to the donor. Please give cash and check donations to the Alzheimer’s Association and our staff will ensure that the donor receives the appropriate receipt.

Can I donate to an event without donating to a specific participant?
Yes! Each event has its own homepage and general event donations are welcome.

Falmouth Road Race

What is the Falmouth Road Race?
The New Balance Falmouth Road Race, founded in 1973 and is now world famous, is a 7-mile race that goes from Woods Hole, MA to Falmouth, MA. The Falmouth Road Race is affiliated with many charities, one of which is the Alzheimer’s Association. 

When does the Race take place?
The Falmouth Road Race takes place every year on a Sunday morning in mid-August.  Click on Falmouth Road Race under the events menu for this year’s date.

Can anyone participate?
Yes! As a charitable partner, the Alzheimer’s Association receives a limited number of race entries. Interested participants must fill out an application which can be found on the Team End ALZ webpage for the Falmouth Road Race. The Alzheimer’s Association reviews each application thoroughly. If you have your own entry to the Falmouth Road Race via the lottery or as a resident, please consider joining Team End ALZ!

What are the benefits of participating with Team End ALZ?
As a member of Team End ALZ, the participant’s race entry is free. Team benefits include Alzheimer’s Association gear, fundraising and coaching support, a training plan, personal fundraising webpage, fundraising recognition, and other race-weekend activities. Additionally, you have the benefit of knowing that every dollar you raise has a direct impact on our mission to end Alzheimer’s.

What is the fundraising requirement?
The fundraising requirement for the Falmouth Road Race is $1,250. 

Boston Marathon

How is the Alzheimer’s Association involved in the Boston Marathon?
The Alzheimer’s Association is honored and proud to be a part of the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program. Through this program, the Alzheimer’s Association receives a limited number of charity entries into the Boston Marathon®.

How can I participate?
As a runner, you must apply to the team during the application window in September. Team End ALZ is selected in October. Due to the limited number of charity entries we receive, we cannot accept everyone who applies to the team. We welcome runners to Team End ALZ who have their own entry (qualified or invitational entries).

We have several volunteer opportunities available throughout the season and on race weekend. Volunteers are important for the weekly Saturday training runs (December through April). We also have a Cheer Station set up at Mile 16.5 on Marathon Monday — all are welcome!

What qualifies me to be selected to be a part of the Alzheimer’s Association team?
  1. Through the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program, we receive a limited quantity of charity entries. Runners must apply during our application window in September. We update the application each year and will accept runners based on how many numbers we receive, the runner’s fundraising plan and connection to Alzheimer’s. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to accept all applicants. More information about the application process can be found here.
  2. If you have qualified for the Marathon or secured your own bib number (invitational entry from a run club, police department, etc) you can make your number count and join our team as a qualified runner!

What are the benefits of participating through the Alzheimer’s Association?
As part of Team End ALZ, participants receive training support with full access to a personal coach with a personalized training plan. The Alzheimer’s Association hosts weekly team training runs with course support. Runners receive a fundraising coach to support all fundraising efforts as well as a personal fundraising webpage on Crowdrise. On race weekend, the Alzheimer’s Association hosts a celebratory team banquet, a team bus to the start line, private gear drop, and pre- and post-race refreshments and activities at a hotel located near the Finish Line.

What is the fundraising requirement?
Non-qualified (charity) runners accepted to Team End ALZ must raise a minimum of $10,000. Additionally, there is a $370 B.A.A. registration fee which does not count toward the fundraising minimum and is the responsibility of the runner to pay.

Qualified runners or those who obtained a bib on his/her own are asked to set a goal of raising a minimum of $2,500, but their is no required minimum.

Run Your Own Race

What does it mean to run my own race?
In addition to our core events, Team End ALZ is also comprised of individual athletes who participate in a variety of road races and triathlons across the country to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. These events range from local 5Ks to major marathons. Pick a race of your choice and represent Team End ALZ!

How will the Alzheimer’s Association help me to run my own race?
The Alzheimer’s Association will provide you with fundraising support with your own personalized online fundraising website, coaching support and advice, and a Team End ALZ singlet to wear at your race. Participants are responsible for his/her own race entry and registration fee for the event that you choose through this program.

Are there specific qualifications I must have to run my own race?
We encourage runners of all levels to run your own race! Run any race you wish. We will provide you with the tools you need to successfully fundraise as you represent the Alzheimer’s Association. There is no required fundraising minimum with the Run Your Own Race program. Every dollar raised supports our mission.

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