Fundraising Ideas

Since The Longest Day is a do-it-yourself fundraising event, you can choose your own activity and location - a dinner party, a game night, or even a walking challenge. Register for The Longest Day, then explore some ideas below to get you started.

48 Peaks

Conquering mountains while fighting Alzheimer's!
48 Peaks was started in 2015 as an activity for The Longest Day. Since then hundreds of hikers have collectively summited all 48 4,000 ft. peaks in the Mountains of New Hampshire! To date those teams have raised over $300,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association!

As COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our daily life, you can still make an impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s by hiking locally within your community! 48 Peaks provides a fun and healthy outlet for you and your family during this time. Together, we will conquer mountains!

Linked below you will find a list of hiking trails across Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Feel free to choose one on the list or find a hike near you! Click on the trail name to be taken to the AllTrails website to learn more. Be sure to check online to make sure your trail is open before heading out, and please follow all physical distancing guidelines.
Register for 48 Peaks

Create Your Own Day

Create your own Longest Day event!
The fun and unique thing about The Longest Day event is that you are free to participate in whatever way you can! Pick a date, pick an activity, and invite friends and family to participate and support you!

During these unprecedented times, The Longest Day is a great way to support the cause you care about most from the comfort and safety of your home. Create a fun, virtual experience that everyone can look forward to!
  • CLICK HERE to check out some helpful information on physically distant options to help get you started!
  • Download our TLD Virtual Participant Guide for more ideas and virtual platform information.

The Longest Dinner Table

For The Longest Dinner Table, family and friends place tables end-to-end to share a big potluck meal and honor all those on the Alzheimer’s and dementia journey. This year’s tables will look a little different, but with a touch of creativity and internet technology you can host a meaningful virtual gathering! We’ve taken all the guesswork out of the process and created a toolkit with easy instructions to host a fun, successful virtual event! Check it out and register today!

Get the Host Toolkit

Golf to End Alzheimer's

Create your own golf-a-thon!
  1. Register for The Longest Day
  2. Gather a foursome or group and have them join your TLD team
  3. Pick a course and a date that works for all
  4. Ask your family and friends for donations
  5. Hit the links in your best purple gear and golf as many holes as you can!
Pro tip: Ask your local golf course or country club for their support. Call in advance and let them know you are fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association and ask if they would consider donating greens fees for a foursome for 36 holes! If you can swing a weekday there’s a good chance they’ll help you out!

Play Bridge to End Alzheimer's

As The Longest Day’s inaugural partner, the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has raised more than $6 million for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. ACBL Clubs across the country host tournaments, teach lessons and play multiple sessions to advance the cause.

New for TLD 2020: On Bridge Base, now members can join “Support your Club ” games. These games support the for-profit and non-profit bridge clubs with additional revenue and it allows their members to play with one another. All Bridge Base virtual club online games held on June 20th and 21st will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. Each club will determine how many boards, how many games and what to charge, but the online games will offer increased masterpoints, and the sanction fees will be $4 per table instead of $1 per table. ACBL will donate its entire $4 table fee to The Alzheimer’s Association.
Registration is free! Enter code: ACBL
Learn more and sign up

Virtual Bingo Night!

Host a virtual Bingo Night with family, friends and colleagues! Have some fun together, while apart, for a cause that is close to your heart. We know that planning a virtual event right now might not be as easy as it sounds, so we've created a free, easy-to-follow toolkit with everything you need to host a fun, all ages, bingo night fundraiser. All your bingo players will need is a computer or smartphone!

Download the toolkit

Play Stall Catchers

Stall Catchers is a citizen science game, developed by the Human Computation Institute, as part of the EyesOnALZ project:

We are crowdsourcing promising Alzheimer’s research data from Cornell University. With your help, we could find a potential treatment in just a few years!

Anyone can play, from any device! (any smartphone, iPad or tablet, PC or Mac) We have a community of over 10,000 “catchers”, from ages 6 to 88, many of whom are caregivers, family members of those affected, and people living with Alzheimer’s themselves.

In the game, you look for “stalls" – clogged blood vessels where blood is no longer flowing. Stalls are a common hallmark of Alzheimer’s, and are linked to a severe reduction in blood flow in the brain. However, if stalls are removed in mice, they regain some of the cognitive function, and other Alzheimer’s symptoms seem to decrease.

Stall Catchers is easy enough to learn, and we help you out in the beginning with a one minute tutorial on how to play! There is no way you can mess up the research. We know how to extract research value from all your answers, right or wrong!

Playing Stall Catchers is a great and easy way to spend The Longest Day! Contribute to Alzheimer’s research and ask people to sponsor you for each hour you play! Collectively, Stall Catchers players can do in one hour what scientists do in a week! How cool is that?!
Here’s how to get started:
  1. Register for The Longest Day and personalize your fundraising website! Add a picture, reason why you are participating and info on Stall Catchers. 
  2. Ask for donations in support of your time on this research project! Send emails and post on social media. Create a Facebook Fundraiser through your fundraising website!
  3. Go to to setup your login and start playing! Stall Catchers tracks the number of hours and research you have contributed so be sure to share that cool detail when thanking all your donors!