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About the Commission

The Virginia I. Jones Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Council is intended to improve and enhance quality of life and support, and services for individuals living with Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders, and their families, by promoting and expanding the availability and accessibility of home- and community-based support and service programs. The Council is also intended to update and advocate for the Maryland State Plan on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders. In addition, the Council will examine the needs of individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders as well as their caregivers to identify how the State can assist most effectively. On policy, funding, and other issues relating to Alzheimer's, the Council is to advise the Governor and General Assembly. It also will develop and promote strategies that encourage brain health and reduce cognitive decline. The Council is authorized by Chapter 410 of Maryland law.



Quincy M. Samus, Ph.D., Chair, (chosen by Council), 2024

Appointed by Governor to 3-year terms:
Halima Amjad, M.D., Arnold B. Bakker, Ph.D., Jacqueline M. Bateman, D.N.P., Cynthia D. Fields, M.D., Shannon Grogg, Pharm.D., Ernestine Jones Jolivet, Mary R. Jones, Andre O. McDonald, Esq., Evie Vander Meer, Sue M. Paul, Nancy Rodriguez-Weller, Andres Salazar, M.D., Dawn E. Seek, Claudia C. Thorne, Ph.D. Terms expire 2024.

Appointed by Senate President:
Malcolm L. Augustine

Appointed by House Speaker:
Sheree L. Sample-Hughes

Ex officio:
Carol E. (Liz) Woodward, designee of Secretary of Aging, Sadie A. Peters, M.D., designee of Secretary of Health, David McShea, Executive Director, Greater Maryland Chapter, Ana Nelson, designee of Executive Director, National Capital Area Chapter, Alzheimer's Association.

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