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Care Consultation is an in-depth personalized service for individuals who are facing decisions and challenges associated with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Care Consultation is an opportunity to receive education about the diagnosis, learn how to make challenging decisions about care, and develop plans on how to live a full life with dementia.
Master-level Care Consultants can help individuals develop a road map to navigate through the thoughts, emotions and questions around memory loss and dementia, including:

  • Role changes in the family
  • Available community and financial resources
  • How to build a care team
  • An overview of legal and financial considerations
  • Partnering with the health care provider
  • Safety Planning
No matter where you live, Care Consultation is available via phone. Call 800.272.3900 and ask to speak to a Care Consultant. 
The Alzheimer’s Association also offers online care planning through the Alzheimer's Navigator.

This interactive online tool can be utilized by people living with dementia and those who provide care and make care-related decisions. This assessment tool evaluates needs, outlines action steps, and provides connections to relevant and appropriate Alzheimer’s Association chapter programs and local services.