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Join our 100 Teams in 10 Days Challenge! Extended!

Join our 100 Teams in 10 Days Challenge! Extended!
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July 18, 2019
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Man Shares How Alzheimer's Became Part of His Story

In 2004, Wes Milligan wrote a story that would change his life forever. At the time, Milligan was a journalist in Louisiana and his editor asked him to write about Alzheimer’s disease — a health crisis he knew nothing about. Milligan set out to interview people living with the disease and caregivers who were by their side every step of the way.
The conversations were heart wrenching.
He met kind, genuine people who were slowly losing their most cherished memories. They were fathers forgetting daughters, grandmothers forgetting grandchildren. Their losses overwhelmed Milligan. He also spoke with caregivers who selflessly put the needs of others before their own, all while knowing the end of their journey would result in the same heartbreak millions of others have experienced. 
That story and those people are why Alzheimer’s is now a part of Milligan's story. Each year, he fundraises for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This fight has become his passion and his purpose. And now, he's asking you to join him.

Join the 100 Teams in 10 Days Challenge

Alongside Milligan, we've made it our mission to register 100 new team51552663_810152759354110_3454697716662140928_n_opt-(1).jpgs across the state for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in just ten days — one of our most ambitious goals to date. Alzheimer's is relentless, but so are we. That's why are are extending the challenge. As a thank you to each new Team Captain who registers between July 18 and August 29, we'll send over a limited edition t-shirt that celebrates your commitment to finding a cure. Existing Team Captains can also earn a shirt by recruiting five new members for their team!
By joining us at the Walk, you’re using your voice to bring us one step closer to our ultimate goal, which is a world without Alzheimer’s disease. You’re helping us write a story where no one’s memories slip away.
Are you ready to join us as we fight for a new chapter?

Register here.


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