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The people of our chapter are dedicated staff and volunteers, all working to make life better for individuals living with Alzheimer's, for their families, and for future generations.


Chapter Leadership Team
Elizabeth Edgerly, PhD - Executive Director
Dagmar Schildwach - Chief Development Officer
Claire Day - Chief Program Officer
Eric Dowdy - Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy 
Stella De La Pena - Director - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Cheryl Brunk - Health Systems Director
Ondine Boulter -Health Systems Director
Michael Castillo - Senior Director, Marketing & Communications 
Shelley Dombroski - Senior Regional Director
Lynn Duisenberg - Operations Manager 

Chapter Board of Directors
Our chapter is governed by a volunteer board of directors, responsible for planning, creating and implementing strategies and tactics in service to our mission.

Donna Petkanics, Chair
Marc Loupe, Board Vice Chair
Kim Steppe, Board Vice Chair
Marcy Adelman, PhD
Raul Ayala, MD
Wynnelena C. Canio, MD, CMD, AGSF
Pina Carino, CFP, CRPC
Gini Cunningham
Michael Fox
Gene Girimonte
​Tammy Maida
Michelle Makino
Teresa Mandella
Courtney Russell McCrea
Lennart Mucke, M.D., Ex-Officio
Scott A. Ryles
Tammy Sanders
Todd Smith, MD
Valerie Toler, RN
John Travis
Randall Yip
Sophie Zhuang

Chapter Medical and Scientific Advisory Council
The Bay Area is home to three of the nation’s Alzheimer’s disease research centers: UCSF, Stanford, and UC Davis. Scientists and clinicians from these and other highly regarded institutions serve on our chapter’s medical and scientific advisory board.

Lennart Mucke, MD, chair 
Charles DeCarli, MD
Michael Greicius, MD
Victor Henderson, MD
Ladson Hinton, MD
William Jagust, MD
Frank Longo, MD, PhD
Tony Wyss-Coray, PhD
Kristine Yaffe, MD
Gil Rabinovici, MD
Kate Possin, PhD
Mike Weiner, MD
Yadong Huang, MD, PhD
Geoffrey A. Kerchner, MD, PhD
Claire Day, Chief Program Officer

Black Alzheimer's Association Advisory Council (BAAAC)

Daniella Royster
Sherry Clark
Lowanda Moore
Cheryl Johnson
Nairobi Kenya
Portia Stewart
Gloria Brown
Gwen Gates
Teri Carlyle
Roscelyn Garner
RoseMary Towns
Micheal Pope
Nequitha Busby