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Information for those interested in becoming a Support Group Facilitator and for current facilitators.

Consider becoming an Alzheimer’s Association Support Group Facilitator.

Do you have a heart for families dealing with Alzheimer’s disease? Are you a good listener? Do you want to make a difference in your community?

The goal of an Alzheimer’s support group is to provide emotional, social and/or educational support to group members.  

Support Group Facilitator Opportunities:

Caregiver Support Group Facilitator
Caregiver Support Groups are designed to provide emotional, educational and social support for caregivers through regularly scheduled meetings. They help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems. The groups encourage caregivers to maintain their own personal, physical and emotional health, as well as optimal care for the person with dementia.

Early-stage Support Group Facilitator
“Early-Stage” refers to people, irrespective of age, who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders and are in the beginning stages of their disease. Early-Stage Support Group Faciliators offer a comfortable way for individuals and families to increase knowledge, receive support and socialize with others who are living in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia.


  • Experience with dementia as a family member or healthcare professional preferred.
  • Ability to be empathetic and separate personal needs from group needs.
  • Strong and effective listening and communication skills.
  • Ability to redirect and facilitate discussion as well as fulfill the duties and responsibilities as described by the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Ability to create and maintain a safe environment where participants’ thoughts and feelings are valued and group members are treated with fairness, equity and respect.
  • Commitment to promote the mission and services of the Alzheimer’s Association and willingness to act as an extension of the Association.
  • Time commitment: A commitment of at least one year is expected.

Additional Qualifications for Early-Stage Facilitators:

  • A mental health professional (e.g. social worker, psychologist, professional counselor) or equivalently experienced
  • Experience in facilitating support groups
  • Experience in working with people living in the early stages of a chronic illness
  • Experience working with people with dementia is preferred

To learn more about becoming a Support Group Facilitator, complete one of the following Volunteer Interest Profiles or contact us at or 980.498.7760.
After completing the application and interivew process, all Alzheimer’s Association support group facilitators attend a half-day training program that focuses on group dynamics, how to organize and sustain a successful support group, and Association policies and procedures.

Current Support Group Facilitators

Below are tools for individuals who have been trained and are current facilitators.