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Knowledge + Practice = Empowerment

Annual Fall Caregiver Seminar
November 11, 12 and 13 from 10:30 to 12:30 p.m daily

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National Caregivers Month is a time to recognize, support and honor you, the everyday hero who provides round the clock care to a loved one. So take some time for you and join us for this reimagined, interactive seminar. The unique format will include three days of short, content rich sessions followed by live Q & A led by experienced Alzheimer’s Association staff. Whether you drop in for a session, or attend all three days, we look forward to seeing you!

Day 1

Bathing Without a Battle and Other Success Stories
Daily care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and toileting can present unique challenges when caring for a loved one with Dementia. Learn tips and develop strategies for success.

Self Care is Not Selfish
Many caregivers think they don’t have time to take care of themselves but self care can be critical to your ability to provide care to your loved one. Investigate stress relieving techniques that can lead to a happy, healthier you.

Communicating Your Needs 
You may have ample support from friends and family or you may feel alone on this journey. Learn ways to communicate your needs as a caregiver and create a care team.

Day 2

Coping and Caring During the Holidays 
Holidays are harder when a loved one has dementia. This year may be even harder as we struggle with ways to be safe while keeping the holiday spirit. Learn tips for making the most of the holidays and cherishing this time with your loved ones.

Building Bridges with Care Providers 
Managing care and communicating with providers can create challenges for caregivers. Learn from healthcare professionals what you can do to get the most out of every interaction.

Facing the Guilt and Grief
Negative emotions are not uncommon on this caregiving journey but don’t feel bad when you feel bad! Learn ways to process these emotions and find joy in the journey.

Day 3

I Can’t Lie to Mom
What do you do when your loved one with dementia is argumentative or unreasonable? Learn the how and when to finesse your interactions to best meet the needs of your loved one.

When is Medication the Answer? Managing Challenging Behavior
Medication can be a useful tool in helping you and your loved one feel better but all medication has side effects. Investigate tips for managing challenging behavior and recognising the signs that medication may (or may not!) be the answer.

I Feel Trapped! What do I do?
Caregiving can be exhausting, overwhelming, confining to name a few. Investigate ways to cope with these feelings and develop strategies to find peace and acceptance.

You can attend any or all sessions of the seminar. Register now to get one simple log-in. Call 800-272-3900 or click here to register. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

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