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The Early Stage Social Engagement Program, aka “The Friday Group” meets every Friday at the Alzheimer’s Association Fort Worth office as a way to stay socially and mentally engaged, find support, and make new friends. 

Each week, Alzheimer's Association staff and volunteers facilitate conversations and activities that are meant to stimulate, entertain and amuse. The group does something different every Friday! In addition to parties, guest speakers, crafts and games, a video projector connected to the internet allows the group to play music, look up a favorite movie scene, or otherwise search anything and everything that comes to mind. Topics tend to be very general, allowing for improvisation and spontaneity, and are usually fairly lighthearted.

Participants should have mild cognitive impairment or early stage Alzheimer’s or other dementia and to be able to express themselves verbally and participate the give and take of normal conversation. Caregivers are welcome to leave their family member and take time for themselves (they must sign a waiver of liability) or stay and participate in the day’s activities. The mix of people with different interests and abilities is one of the strengths of this friendly, spontaneous group.