About Us

Executive Board

Paul Caruselle

Junior Board Chair

After watching loved ones slip away and experiencing the devastating effect this disease can have on families, Paul has spent the last four years working to raise awareness to #EndALZ. There is much work to be done to create a world without Alzheimer's, but he believes that it begins with us. By mobilizing young professionals to spread awareness and engaging in a broader conversation about mental health, Paul believes his generation can be the one to drive this cause forward.

Arielle Smith

Director of Membership

Arielle's grandmother lived with dementia for years before passing away in September 2018. She felt so hopeless watching her nana become a shell of her former self. Volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association lets her help others in ways she was not able to help her nana, as well as connect with people who understand what her family experienced. Arielle has hope that one day the Association’s efforts will aid in finding a cure, and no one will have to face this awful disease.

Gabriel Ramirez

Director of Fundraising and Events

At 97, Gabriel’s grandmother has lived with Alzheimer’s for 20 years. He decided to get involved to help raise awareness and to honor his grandmother and the family members that care for her like his mother. He hopes to meet people with similar interests who want to join him in putting forth positive energy to #EndALZ.

Keegan Kennedy

Director of Marketing and Communications

Keegan's grandmother was an accomplished woman of her time. She was a mathematician, valedictorian of her class and received a full scholarship to college. Watching her grandmother’s mind deteriorate and ultimately losing her to Alzheimer’s has had a lasting impact on Keegan and her family. She joined the Junior Board to help bring together individuals of her own generation who have also been affected by this disease and to collectively advocate for a world without Alzheimer's.


Rebekah Chang
Bethany Chapman
Alyson Coutts
Elizabeth Didora
Aaron Epstein
Aaron Garrovillas
Anne Grossfeld
Alexander Keyes
Denny Kim
Emma Lane
Toby Porter
Sam Rader
Matt Sandberg
Rachel Shehy
Kelly Shon
Nikki Simon
Tanner Sturm
Patricia Tobon
Aria Vossughi

Our Mission

The Junior Board of the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter was founded in 2019 to raise the awareness of Alzheimer’s and related dementias among young professionals, and to take action through fundraising events, education and advocacy initiatives, and volunteer opportunities. We are a group of civic-minded young professionals who have all been touched by Alzheimer’s and strive to live in a world without it.

Our Vision

A world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia.

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