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2019 GAAIN Exploration to Evaluate Novel Alzheimer's Queries (GEENA-Q)

Cerebellum, a neglected AD target?

Stefano Sensi, M.D., Ph.D.
Universita' degli StudiGabriele d'Annunzio di Chieti-Pescara
Chieti, Italy

Dr. Stefano Sensi will use three (Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network) GAAIN datasets and analyze information related to Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s.  These datasets include brain scan information on a brain region (called cerebellum) that is responsible for coordinating our movements as well as being involved with certain cognitive functions.  Using statistical modeling techniques, Dr. Sensi will to determine whether biological changes in the cerebellum (assessed by the brain scans) are associated with the impairment of certain cognitive functions. The cerebellum has not yet been as widely studied in the Alzheimer’s field as other areas of the brain.  If successful, the study results may help identify new targets for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s.

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