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2021 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

Arts for Brain Health

Olakunle Joel Adewale, B.A.
Tender Arts Nigeria
Oshodi, Nigeria

Studies show that from 1995 to 2015, the number of individuals living with dementia in Nigeria has increased by 400%. Older people with cognitive impairment in Nigeria may experience neglect and abuse as well as loneliness, depression, and stigma. Using art as a medium, Olakunle Joel Adewale proposes to reduce the stigma around dementia. Adewale’s project, The Arts for Brain Health, will deliver a personalized, arts-based intervention to 60 individuals living with dementia and 20 professional caregivers, in the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. The intervention will be delivered by eight junior artists under the supervision of Adewale, the Artistic Director. Participants will experience personalized interventions that focus on fine arts or performance arts in small groups, providing the opportunity to build feelings of community and engagement via art. This intervention will culminate in an art exhibition that will showcase and celebrate the participants’ work. Furthermore, the Artistic Director will create an “Art for Brain Health” handbook that describes the approach. If successful, this model could be applied broadly to improve opportunities for social engagement in individuals living with dementia and may also reduce stigma around dementia.  

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