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2021 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

DEMGAL: An online tool for non-pharmacological prescription in Galicia

Clara Dominguez Vivero, M.D.
Axencia de Coñecemento en Saúde
Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Galicia is a region in Spain with one of the fastest aging populations in Europe. Individuals living with dementia in Galicia may be unable to obtain access to care and support after receiving a diagnosis of dementia due to scarcity of services, lack of awareness and geographical constraints. Dr. Clara Dominguez Vivero, a clinical neurologist for the Galcian Health Service in Santiago de Compostela, Spain aims to improve access to non-pharmacological care and support of individuals living with dementia in Galicia using an online tool called DEMGAL. As a contribution to the “Galician Strategy for Dementia” project, DEMGAL will integrate and collaborate with multiple regional Galician stakeholders including healthcare providers, family caregivers and their care recipients. The tool may enable doctors to integrate non-pharmacological approaches, such as cognitive stimulation, physical exercise, occupational therapy, respite services, etc.. Individuals with dementia will find an updated list of local services, as well as culturally appropriate training and educational materials covering different aspects of care and long-term planning as part of the online tool. The project aims to raise the quality and quantity of information provided by health care providers as well as enhance caregiver support systems through non-pharmacological interventions. Dr. Vivero will evaluate the efficiency of the online tool via questionnaires and by tracking users. If successful in Galicia, this approach could be scaled and tailored to other parts of Spain and global communities.

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