There is a need for the Alzheimer's research community to develop universal standards of calibration, matrix and variability across the spectrum of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) assays as these techniques develop for possible use in Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and early detection. The Alzheimer's Association CSF Quality Control Initiative is addressing issues regarding CSF draws, handling and storage. However, there are still other standardization mechanisms in need of further clarification before CSF can be used as a diagnostic, including issues of the standard reference material to calibrate the assay of measurement and the standard method of calibration. These are issues that impact the overall variability of measures pertaining to CSF.

Reference Materials Working Group

The Reference Materials Working Group will address issues associated with developing a universal material to provide a basis for standardized measures and calibration. The group will address whether they can develop a university calibration effort, what "reference material" means, what is appropriate material to use for calibration, and what will be the defined role of the internal control samples. This has been done for other similar assays, such as cholesterol, to standardize the measures on a global scale.

Reference Methods Working Group

The Reference Methods Working Group will focus on developing a reference method definition to emphasize the ideal method to determine an absolute quantification of peptides/proteins in CSF. Examples include using mass spectroscopy or ELISA/ immunoassay. Reference methods have been developed for vitamins and hormones in other diseases, however, measurement of peptides and proteins such as amyloid beta or tau will need a different reference method and this needs to be determined. The group will address surrounding issues related to the various methodology and development of a universal reference method for use in CSF measures.

Two reference methods from GBSC members for the protein, Aβ 1-42, in CSF have been certified (see below). Additional methods for other CSF proteins are currently being developed.


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Meeting summary

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