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Videos and Media

Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2013
Video highlights

Boston-based studies reported on during AAIC 2013
(approximately 3 minutes)

Dr. Heather Snyder of the Alzheimer's Association discusses three Boston-based studies reported on during AAIC 2013, demonstrating the vitality and diversity of the city's Alzheimer's disease research.

New therapeutic targets and approaches in Alzheimer's disease
(approximately 4 minutes)

Dr. Mary Sano of the Alzheimer's Association Medical and Scientific Advisory Council discusses the results of four research trials investigating new targets for therapies in Alzheimer's disease, and incorporating novel approaches to participant identification and selection.

Alzheimer's disease epidemiology: Risk factors and possible therapies
(approximately 4 minutes)

Dr. David Knopman, a member of the Alzheimer's Association Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee, speaks to new advances in our knowledge about risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, including a study revealing that many types of cancer, and chemotherapy treatments, may be associated with lower risk.

IVIG Phase 3 (GAP) clinical trial results in Alzheimer's disease
(approximately 6 minutes)

Watch Dr. Maria Carrillo, vice president, Medical and Scientific Relations, Alzheimer’s Association, as she summarizes the significance of additional analyses of IVIG research from bench to bedside.

Developing topics
(approximately 7 minutes)

Dr. Ralph Nixon, Chair, Alzheimer's Association Medical and Scientific Advisory Council, discusses new studies reported at AAIC 2013, including first reports for tau imaging, costs related to misdiagnosis and a review of population-based dementia screening.

Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD): The earliest clinical sign of Alzheimer's?
(approximately 5 minutes)

Dr. Ronald Petersen, member of the Alzheimer's Association National Board, gives an overview of subjective cognitive decline, a newly emerging concept which may be the earliest clinical sign of Alzheimer's disease.