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Teresa Galbier, Chapter Executive,

Amanda Drobnica, Senior Director of Programs and Services,

Bonnie Webster, Senior Director of Development,

Olga Monacell, Communications Manager,

Hanne Stevens, Finance Director,

Dina Johnson, Director of Care and Support,

Janet VanValkenburg, Director of Education,

Pam Allen, Finance Assistant

Thera Blasio, Community Manager

Colleen Bober, Grants Manager

Jessica Cutcliffe, Care Coordinator

Laurie Cargill, Executive Assistant

Julie DeMersman, Event Specialist

Leigh Anne Elliott, Program Manager

Brittany Flanders, Care Coordinator   

Nanette Friedman, Programs and Service Project Director

​Halimah Ouedraogo, Project Manager

Jessica Paulino, Program Manager

Deborah Prinzi Taylor, Program Coordinator

Kari Tetzlaff, Project Manager

Phil Shippers, Community Manager

Steve Witte, Events Specialist