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Teresa Galbier, MPA
President & CEO

Amanda L. Drobnica
Senior Director of Programs

Bonnie Webster
Senior Director Of Development

Thera S. Blasio
Community Manager

Colleen Bober
Grants Manager

David Chaves Lopez
Program Manager

Julie DeMersman
Event Specialist

Leigh Anne Elliott
Program Manager

Nanette Friedman
Project Director

Brittany Hanner
Care Coordinator

Dina Y. Johnson
Director of Care & Support

Halimah Ouedraogo
Director of Professional Education

Jessica L. Paulino
Program Manager

Deborah Prinzi-Taylor
Program Coordinator

Jessica L. Rustici
Project Manager

Philip Shippers
Community Manager

Janet VanValkenburg
Director Of Education

Chapter Advisory Board

Board members can be contacted by email.

James Walter, Chair
Brian Norton, Vice Chair

Cary Greenberg
Justin Vigdor
Lois Williams Norman
Matthew Mann
Raymond Jacobi
Stephanie Johnson
Marla Bruns, M.D.
Michael King
Mary Ann Wolfe
Maritza Buitrago
Norma Holland
Tom Santobianco
Wendy Bello
Yolanda Rios