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Purple Elephants Memory Cafe

Memory Cafe's are designed for persons living with Dementia and are a comfortable, social gathering that allow people experiencing memory loss and loved one to connect, socialize, and build new support networks. Cafe's are free to attend and welcome all.

Free sessions are offered in English and Spanish.

Download our Flyers here:
English Flyer
Spanish Flyer

Activities Offered:
- Zumba
- Yoga
- Loteria/ BINGO
- Caregiver
- Education
- Jewelry Crafting
- Community Resources/ Support

Mission Branch Library
3134 Roosevelt Ave
San Antonio, TX 78214

Register by calling our 24/7 Helpline 800.272.3900

Fall 2023 

All classes are held from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

September 28th-Low Impact Zumba Spanish Session
October 4th-Low Impact Zumba English Session
October 11th-Loteria Spanish Session
October 13th-BINGO English session
October 25th-Yoga session Spanish
October 27th-Yoga Session English
November 8th-Painting Spanish Session
November 10th-Painting English Session
November 15th-Jewelry Crafting Spanish Session
November 17th-Jewelry Crafting English Session
December 6th-X-mas Ornaments Creation Spanish
December 8th-X-mas Ornaments Creation English