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Host Your Own Fundraising Benefit

The Alzheimer's Association welcomes companies, individuals and groups to host their own fundraising activities with unique events or functions. Be as creative, big or small, elaborate or simple as you want, just remember to have fun with it! For more information or fundraising ideas, contact 800.272.3900.

Charitable Gift Plans (Outright or immediate use gifts)

The most common examples of outright and immediate use gifts are cash in the form of personal checks or credit card transactions. Donate now online, or send your personal check to our main office at Alzheimer's Association, 3323 W. Commercial Blvd, Suite 260, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

FOR DONORS OF IRA GIFTS: The Charitable IRA Rollover benefits of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 ended December 31, 2007 for all individual donors qualifying at age 70 1/2 or older. However, work is underway thanks to the National Committee on Planned Giving (NCPG) and Independent Sector to reinstate and extend the rollover benefit in 2008. If you would like to keep track of this legislative process and voice your support of NCPG's efforts to your legislators, go to for more information.

Another form of outright support is through gifts of appreciated securities which may be given in their physical certificate or electronic form. Please call 800.272.3900 for specific instructions prior to making a gift of appreciated securities.

Charitable Gift Plans (Use of the gift is deferred or after donor's lifetime)

The following gift plans reflect ways to contribute money or assets, while simultaneously realizing some of your financial and estate planning goals. The Association offers a variety of arrangements to meet your needs, including:

Bequests — gifts made through a will or trust for those that would like to make a significant contribution, but cannot give up income or capital during their life. Sample draft bequest language is provided for the donor and their attorney for review and establishing a charitable bequest supporting the Alzheimer's Association.

Charitable gift annuity — a popular option especially for those watching their fixed retirement income, that pays the donor a guaranteed annuity payment for their lifetime in exchange for a minimum gift of $10,000.

Charitable remainder trust — make a gift and reserve the income for yourself or another person over either a lifetime or a specific number of years; the remaining assets in the trust after the income beneficiary lifetimes are distributed to the Association according to the wishes of the donor. Typically, the donor or their designee will serve as trustee of this trust unless the entire remainder is being given to one charity who may serve as trustee.

Individual Retirement Accounts — the best asset for beneficiary designation to charity or to a charitable trust in order to protect and provide income to loved ones after your lifetime without exorbitant taxation against your estate when this (IRD - income in respect of decedent) asset type is left directly to family heirs.

Life Insurance — you may name the Alzheimer's Association as a charitable beneficiary of life insurance policies and retain the right to own your policy, or give the right of ownership to Alzheimer's when the policy is paid in full.

Personal Tangible Property — such gifts-in-kind like books, equipment or collections may help us carry out our mission. We evaluate each gift on a case by case basis as to its acceptability and related use to our mission. The donor is responsible for obtaining a qualified appraisal when this property is given and oftentimes, the charitable deduction may be limited to the donor's cost basis if no related use can be found.

Real Property — donate a residence, vacation home, ranch or farm and retain the right to live there for the rest of your life or place the property into a charitable trust that may liquidate your property and generate life income until the remainder of the trust passes to the benefit of the Alzheimer's Association. The Association will not serve as trustee until all real property is first liquidated and reinvested in publicly traded investments to avoid unforeseeable liabilities or conflicts of interest.

For more information or to find out more on how you can donate, call 800.272.3900. The ideas shared on this page are for educational purposes only, and not intended to provide nor substitute for legal or tax counsel necessary to the donor in evaluating their individual benefits when making a charitable gift.

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