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The Alzheimer’s Association, along with the the State of Florida's Department of Elder Affairs are and iN2L, is excited to offer "Project VITAL at Home." This new and innovative program has been specially designed for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.

Participants will receive a wealth of engagement opportunities with an iN2L tablet and have direct access to the Alzheimer’s Association’s live and on demand support and education programs. 

What is an iN2L tablet? 
It is an easy to use tablet that will connect you with puzzles, games, movies, audiobooks, music and more to promote purposeful engagement for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. The tablet also provides ways for you to learn, relax and have fun, as well as connect with others near and far, through an easy video chat feature. Purposeful engagement is an excellent way to help prevent restlessness, frequent napping and anxiousness.

How does it work?
The specially designed tablet provides you with all that you need to do video chats, share photos, explore fun, enjoyable and relaxing programs, and can even be used when not connected to the internet. You can readily connect with friends and family near and far, through the easy to use video chat function creating special moments.

Why is this important?
Social isolation and boredom are particular challenges for those living with Alzheimer’s and/or other dementias, as well as their caregivers. Having a way to provide purposeful and meaningful engagement by connecting with family, friends, healthcare providers, and other VITAL caregivers means that you never need to go it alone. 

When can we start?
This one-year research program is starting soon. Here is what you need to participate in the project:

  • Caring for a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or related dementia diagnosis at home
  • Willingness to participate in a year-long research project including six brief online surveys and commit to attending a monthly one hour feedback and support group 
  • Basic level of skill with online technology, a valid email address and a stable Wifi signal
  • Agree to schedule at least one hour per day to use the tablets

If you are interested in Project VITAL at Home, please fill out this form to be placed on the waiting list or call our 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900.

Funded in partnership with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs.