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Early Stage Services

"Early-Stage" refers to people, irrespective of age, who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia and who are in the beginning stages of the disease. Individuals in this stage may still be employed; participate in community-based activities; volunteer; enjoy meeting new people; and are still active members of the family unit. This includes persons with "younger-onset" who develop dementia under the age of 65 and are still in the early stages of the disease.

Please call 800.272.3900 - our 24/7 Helpline - for information.

Early Stage Activities


Art Matters is a socialization engagement program for people recently diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia and their care partner(s).

For more information about our Early Stage Education and Support, please contact the Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia Chapter at 757.459.2405. 

Chrysler Museum of Art 
1 Memorial PlACE
Norfolk, VA 23510


Mar. 8:  Women’s History Month
10:30 - 11:30 A.M.  REGISTER HERE

Apr. 12:  Fantastic Creatures of the 
Venetian Lagoon: Glass 1875-1915

10:30 - 11:30 A.M.   REGISTER HERE

May 9:  In Bloom
10:30 - 11:30 A.M.  REGISTER HERE

The programs are free, BUT YOU MUST REGISTER to participate. If you are unable to register by clicking the links next to each event, please call 757.459.2405.