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Operation: Stronger Together is an awareness initiative of the Alzheimer’s Association, Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter. Our mission is to connect family caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia to the education and resources they need to deal with the stress of caregiving so they can remain healthy and productive members of their families, society, and workplace.

Family caregivers are often so focused on providing care to a loved one with dementia that they neglect their own needs. As a result, they face greater risk for depression, cardiovascular disease, higher stress hormones, reduced immune function, and impaired kidney function among other health issues. Family caregivers are often unaware of their own growing health care problems and often do not pursue health care or emotional support services for themselves until after a crisis has occurred.

Learn, Cope and Survive

Family caregivers who align themselves with a support system, as well as education and resources, really are better equipped to cope with their role as caregiver. They experience better health and financial outcomes than individuals who try to go it alone. Caregiving is heroic work. Through Operation: Stronger Together, the Alzheimer’s Association will empower every dementia caregiver with the tools they need to learn, cope and survive, at no-cost to the participant.

Tools for Employers
Tools for Family Caregivers

We truly are Stronger Together thanks to an amazing benefactor, partner and cargiver.

Operation: Stronger Together was launched with funding provided by former Wisconsin Governor, Martin Schreiber, who as a family caregiver to his wife, Elaine, has personally experienced the physical and emotional perils of being a caregiver. In his words, “Being an Alzheimer’s caregiver is the most difficult and most challenging job I’ve ever had.” We applaud him for his unbridled passion to help other caregivers learn, cope and survive, and thank him for his generous financial support of this initiative. Their story is chronicled by Mark Johnson, health reporter at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Read this moving story here. ​

Congratulation to Mark Johnson, health reporter at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who recently won the Eugene S. Pulliam National Journalism Writing Award for his moving story about former Gov. Martin Schreiber's journey as he grappled with loneliness while his wife, Elaine's memory is lost to Alzheimer's disease​.