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With nearly 6 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and a generation of baby boomers growing older every day, there is an economic and social imperative to support the life science industry, specifically by investing in Alzheimer’s research.

The Tennessee Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is proud to serve this state, which has consistently been a leader in innovative treatments, drug development and cutting-edge disease research to ultimately find a cure.

We need increased funding for research, more Tennessee patients’ participating in clinical trials, and our elected officials on the state and federal levels to support the life science industry and to create the public health infrastructure necessary to support Alzheimer’s patients and families and to drive us closer to a cure.

Support for the Alzheimer’s Association, and for disease research as a whole, has led to incredible breakthroughs in the past several years. As a national organization, we have awarded more than $410 million to nearly 3,000 research projects, which have led to important discoveries, including a greater understanding of how the disease originates and which processes need to be interrupted to stop or slow progression.

Going from understanding the disease to developing a drug treatment or a cure is a tremendously time-consuming and expensive feat. Aside from funding, nothing is more critical to Alzheimer’s drug development than recruiting and retaining participants for clinical trials. We desperately need those currently living with dementia, their caregivers and healthy volunteers to get involved in clinical trials.

And with the Tennessee state legislature back in session, now is the time to let your legislators know that we need their continued support for the state’s life science industry. This industry takes research from the bench to the bedside, and is making a difference in our state’s economy and, more importantly, in the lives of our residents.

If you live in Tennessee, or any state for that matter, you can show your support by:

The stakes for a cure are high; but the momentum of families, researchers and our organization is higher. Join the fight, and help put an end to Alzheimer’s disease today.