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Helping You

Helping You
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The Alzheimer’s Association, Vermont Chapter provides support, education, training and other resources to increase knowledge and to support those facing Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. We are here to help. For more information, please visit the Vermont Dementia Resource Guide.

We offer support groups for caregivers and others living with Alzheimer's disease. Support groups provide a safe place for caregivers, family and friends of persons with dementia to meet and develop a mutual support system. Participation in a support group can be an empowering experience, helping members feel better prepared to cope with their unique situation. All support groups are facilitated by trained individuals.
Education is one of the most powerful tools to help navigate your Alzheimer's journey. The Alzheimer's Association programs are developed by experts in the field and reviewed by their peers for quality. Available in-person and online, our education programs feature information on topics including the signs of Alzheimer’s disease, diagnosis, communication, living with Alzheimer’s and caregiving techniques.

Online education
Visit our Training and Education Center to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving, healthy living and planning for the future. Examples of available courses include Know the 10 Signs, Effective Communication Strategies, Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body, Legal and Financial Planning, and the Living with Alzheimer's series for caregivers in each stage and for people with Alzheimer’s.

Virtual Library
The Virtual Library is an extension of the Alzheimer’s Association Green-Field Library. Search the online catalog, view resources chosen by experts, email our librarian questions and learn how to borrow materials.
Additional resources and training

Vermont Dementia Resource Guide

Based upon the rigorous work of staff, interns, and community stakeholders, the Vermont chapter debuted the digital Dementia Resource Guide in January 2024 as a comprehensive document for Vermonters navigating local dementia resources. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for this document, please email Meg Polyte at

Community Resource Finder
A comprehensive database, Community Resource Finder provides access to listings of local Alzheimer's resources as well as community programs and services, making it easy to search, find and access the support you need quickly.

Alzheimer's Navigator
Alzheimer's Navigator® is an online tool designed for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, their families and caregivers to help navigate through the questions that come with living with the disease. This tool helps guide you to answers by creating personalized action plans and linking to information, support and local resources.

Chapter Leadership Board

Alicia Fleming, Founder & Owner | Golden Guide Senior Living Advisor (Colchester)
Christopher Motter, CEO | Acabay, Inc (Williston)
James Godfrey, CEO | Tyler Simms and St Sauveur, CPAs, P.C. (Woodstock)
Michael T. Brown III, Assistant Director of Transitions | Keene State College (Springfield)
Renee Hebert, Branch Manager, AVP | M&T Bank (Springfield)
Dan Feeney, Executive Vice President | North Star Leasing (Burlington)
Michael Joseph, Founder | True Vector Consulting, Board President (Milton)

Staff Contact

Howard Goodrow, Executive Director | (860) 436-7774 (cell),
Jordan (Jo) Cotto, Program Manager | (802) 433-4090 ext 8011,
Jenna Johnson, Development Manager | (802) 316-3839 ext 8015 (office),
Meg Polyte, Policy Director | (802) 440-1881 ext 1429,
Amy Joseph, Administrative Associate | (802) 433-4222 ext 8013,
Jazmin Averbuck, Development Manager | (802) 433- 4244 ext 2267,

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