edda rodriguez

I send this tribute in honor of my motherinlaw.who is still a strong woman spiritually. Who gave a lot of herself when she was well.And now need us to support her in time of closure. Let her know that she's loved and that we pray for her everyday. Gbh-:))


You meant so much to so many. We love you!


This is my message

Edna Eugenia Howard

Your shining spirit and our love for you live on forever! We love you Granny Howard!!!

Robert"Bobby" Lemm, III

In memory of our son, brother, uncle who passed away Jan. 2008.

Robert"Bobby" Lemm, III

In memory of our son, brother, uncle who passed away Jan. 2008.

annama john

to my gran who bloomed and faded without anyone ever realising what was happening to you until too late.

to everyone

this if for everyone that alzheimers has effected in anyway <3

robert mcferrin sr

i hope one day soon there is a cure for every one.


I love you, your son Franky loves you, and your granddaughter Naela loves you. Dios te bendiga Nereida. May we all come together to honor and advocate for our loved ones and our families. Support ALZ research!!!

Nellie May

To the sweetest Nanny in the world!You have always been there for us all,and we will be there for you until the end. The end will leave us so devastated,so for now I try to remember every wonderful loving memory that you ever made for us. We love you!!!

Dorthy Jean (Nichols) Inderlied

To one of the greatest women I have ever had the privilege of knowing and learned from. You truly were a saint and loved by all u have touched. I am a better person because I had u in my life. Thank you for your love and support. Rest In Peace!!!!!!

Ellien Goff

I love you so much Grannie and will always be there for you, even when you think you do not need me, I am here.

Mary Hernandez

Loving You Mom!

Evangelina Vasquez

In loving memory of Evangelina Vasquez

Ellen Dragon

In honor of my Mother, Ellen Dragon. This disease has taken her from me, mentally. Her body is here but not her mind. It is horrible watching her like this. I love you dearly Mom.

Joann "Gaga" Harris

In honor of Gaga (my grandmother),currently living with Alzheimer's. I miss you a lot and I wish you did not get this disease :( But at least you are still here and laugh for us. Love you

Oakwood Assisted Living

To and for all of our Alzheimer Residents


Mom, I miss you more than words can say but I'm glad God called you home and took you from this misery. I thank you for being the best mom in the world and promise your light will continue to shine in my heart forever!!

Albert Swartz

Dad we miss you and I know that this terrible disease took away so much knowledge. More than we will ever know about so many things.

Louise Coleman

We love you very much mumzie always and forever mark vivian valerie matt jimmy jeremy and "whose baby is that"

Ardis Erickson

<3 you Grandma

Constance Shelton

Dear Momma. I hope to send this to you before time runs out. I love you and miss the way you were but am still very thankful for the time we still have together. Love Cheryl

Anna Grace Bell

You continue to make me happy daily. Even though the roles have reversed it is my honor to take care of you. You were and will always be the best mother in the whole wide world.

Dixie Hodges Smith

Mom, Life is not forever, but Love is!

Cecil Medrick

Love you and miss you Daddy.

June Murphy Daugherty

Mom, miss you so much! I love you!

Sarah Pollock

Mom, I miss our long telephone conversations that we always had because I live so far away from home. I talked to you the other day and you did not remember me. I love you and I miss you. Sherrie

Victoria Goodwin

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 yrs - but the many memories still remain!

Alicia Zertuche

Siempre estas en nuestros corazones..Tus hijos que nunca te olvidan.

Pauline Hubbard

Thank you for everything you did for us kids. We love you and miss you. Junior

Rhea Klein

Missing you and loving you EVERY day!

stella kay

To a great grandmother who taught me so much. She is greatly missed each day.

Jerry Whitehead

I love you dad!!

Virginia Cubetus

I miss you very day,Ma. The person you became at the end was not person we grew up with. You could do anything. You were such a great mom!



Ronald Pavas

I love you dad!! I wish that there was more i could do for you. You'll always be with me in my heart!! :)

Joan Eichinger

Mom, I miss you so much. I think of you everyday. You were such a wonderful mother to Theresa & I. Love you, Cherie




Get well soon...

Kiron Phookan

Kiron Phookan, my mother my reason for existance in this world is in early stage of alz. She cared for us throughout her life and still caring. My only wish to let her know through my deeds how much we care for her and love her and be with her always.

Ted Snyder

I light this candle for you grandpa! You have given the whole family so much love now its time we give you love , stay stong xoxo




In honor and memory of those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimers. May a cure be our reality very soon. God Bless.

Micky Simmerman

The most wonderful mom in the world, taken from me way too soon.

Dorothy Patrone

I have missed you every day...I miss your wisdom, your smile, your laugh. I miss the amazing woman you were. I thank you for helping me become strong enough to survive everything that has come my way. I love you, Mom.

Belle Norman (Grandma Belle)

no words can describe my grandma. i miss her, and i love her. and i will always remember and cherish the memories we had together.

Daisy Perkins

She is my grandma. I hope I don't Alzheimer's disease.

Estel Coulter

You were always there to pick me up and help me find my way. I will always miss you Daddy. Rest in peace.

Virginia Hark

I love you Mom more than words can express. I know the good Lord is holding you until it's time for you to leave this earth and live eternally with him and see you loved ones who went before you. Mom, there's no Mom like you. Love you so much. Susan

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