Herbert Block

To a kind and loving human being

C M Huber

I know your with jesus


Although in early onset stage,Im hoping they find a cure

Isabel Pence

I hope you are enjoying your dance with Daddy. I miss you - I love you!

Rita Meyer

For Mom... <3

Irv Meltzer

For my uncle who we miss very much. We love you.


You were our candle, you were the light of my life.

Dorothy Branum

Memories don't last forever. A Mother should never have to ask her child "what is your name". Please END ALZHEIMERS- I don't want it, my brothers and sister don't want it either! God bless the caregivers.


To all of those affected...

Marie Buonomo

Even though there are times you don't know us, seeing your smile is enough.

Jean Park

I love you with all my heart Grandma. You are an amazing person and always will be.


Alzheimer's took you from me long before you passed but you live on in my heart. I miss you every day. It's been 5 years since you left us but my memories of you are only the happy ones..the memories are countless and comforting. I love you always.

Mary Singleton

I love you mom and I am sorry that you have this awful disease!

Phillip Beaulieu

In Loving Memory

Renee Cammins

I miss you Mom!

Lydia Cook

A wonderful grandmother whose love and light will never be forgotten.

In memory

To everyone who has lost someone from this disease- my thoughts and prayers are with you.

To all the caregivers

Love and support

Philip DuTart Jr

To honor a man who tolerated this disease with courage and grace.

Morrina L. Williams

In loving memory of a wonderful mother and grandmother.

Gertrude Bassman

Mom, I miss you so much. You are always with me--in my heart and in my thoughts.

Isabel Gianfredi

This candle is in loving memory of my beautiful mom, who died in September of this devastating disease. Mom, You will never be forgotten. I love you so much. Your daughter, Ginny

Jesse Kyle Clark

In memory of my father-in-law, we love you and miss you.

Frank and Jennie Jue

My father and mother have demonstrated courage and compassion while managing my father's Alzheimer's and my mother's own health problems. I am very proud to be their son.

Uncle Floyd

In loving memory of my Uncle Floyd I hope to encourage others to become an advocate for the Alzheimer's Association and help us join the fight to end Alzheimers'.

Joan Sergeant

I love you mom!

Elsie Oosting

I love you mom more than you will ever know.

Elida Ochoa

In loving memory of my mother who suffered with Alzheimer's for over 5 years.



Occie Cole

Mom, we miss you!

Joyce Johnson

In honor of our mom, Joyce, who continues to fight the good fight. We are thankful Alzheimer's has not taken her sense of humor or her big smile. This is for you, Mom.

Ruth Percy

My grandmother lived a full life and at the end she struggled with alzheimer's. I miss her dearly but she is with me daily

Charles E Hull

Dad, it has been 330 days and 22 hours since I last hugged you. I miss you every day. Love Always, Suzie-Bell

Helen F

Remembering you and the spirit of welcoming you gave everyone.

Margaret McCabe

I miss you Mom. I love you.

Orlando Lopez

To a wonderful grandfather and father. You are so missed

Marvel Ellingson

This candle is lit in memory of my wonderful grandmother who suffered with Alzheimer's for many years before her death. Let's find a cure for this disease!

Joseph Costa

In your honor Dad.

Alice Baker

In honor of my mom who has AD. I love you, mom.

James William Larsen

Best Dad ever. 9/5/1940-4/18/2010 Loved and missed every day.

Orlando Lopez

To a wonderful grandfather and father. You are so missed

Billie Brewer

We love you and miss you so much.

Peggy L. Hargraves

To My Mother and Bestfriend- I miss you every hour of every day. You were the light of our lives and we will never forget you. Thank you for being the best mother in the world. Love, Lisa

JC Carpenter

In loving memory of my daddy.

Dot Menardi

Velma Wessels

In your name Mom, I pray for smart minds to look for a cure, generous hearts to fund the efforts, and that all the love we have known from you who now suffer, be turned upon the people who care and fight for those who no longer remember. Love, Carol

Mildred Houpe

I watched my mother fight with Alzheimer's for about nine years. This disease affected my whole family, but especially my father who took care of her the entire time. They were married for 62 years and their last five years together were very hard.

Lucille Cain Traylor

You fought so hard & deep down I know you somehow remembered my touch. Forever in my heart. Your grandaughter

Margare Farmer Boyer, Barbara Johnson

I will always remember Margaret who was lost to breast cancer in 2006. I'm glad that Barbara is a survivor and is still with me.

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About the Rally

This year, there was unprecedented support for our Virtual Rally. Thank you to the more than 20,000 Alzheimer's Champions from across the country who came online to remember loved ones affected by Alzheimerís.

The success of our Virtual Rally was equaled only by the Candlelight Tribute Rally, which took place at the nation's Capitol on the evening of May 15, 2011, as part of the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum.

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