"There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go." -Anonymous To Grandma. I love you and miss you! <3


In Loving Memory of those that have passed on, and in Honor of those that continue to fight this battle.


Michele Hope Lipitz You are an angel watching over me......I will smile because I know you are with me in spirit I love you Mom.....Forever in my <3 12-20-10


For all the Care Givers & Families I pray that a cure will be found! God Bless you all!


In honor and memory of those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimers. May a cure be our reality very soon. God Bless.

A & W Savoir

Mom & Dad, I miss you so much. May this light serve as a sign that we must end this horrible disease.To all caregivers,God Bless You

A Applegate

This is for my Mom who has been suffering from this disease. It's hard to watch such a strong woman, dwindle in front of your eyes. I love you Mom!

A Kavanagh

Mom, You are the love in our soul, the life in our dreams, the light in our life, Love Always...

A Man Killed at 55

I was only 15 when Dad died of early-onset, and simply stated, I hated not having him around as a 15 year-old with lots of questions a Dad should be around to answer for his son.

A mis pacientes

A mis Pacientes que luchan cada dŪa por mantener sus recuerdos y a sus familias que lo acompaŮan en este camino....

a oliver

Let's hope the cure comes soon.

A Raquel G. Otero

Mami I love You and I hope they find a cure to free you from this prison.

A van Beckhoven

To the wonderful women I call my mother, you taught me so much, cared for me so well and loved me so tightly. Now its our turn to care for you mum. All my love always and forever xxx

A Zelnik

Blessings and prayers for progress and hope for someday a cure.

A. Dougherty

In honor of a loving father, friend, teacher, community leader who is newly diagnosed. Please help find a cure. Thank you.

A. Douglas Caudill

You left this world on Feb 16th, 2011.. missing you more each day. But now, my darling husband..you are whole again..and the thoughts you have are no longer "muddy" as you called it. You are Forever in my heart! Your wife ..Lorna

A. Elsa Cole

Minš rakastan sinua

A. Ketchum

May you Rest In Peace

A. Monroe

In honor of my family members

A. Shapiro

We will find a cure.

A. Virginia Sieron

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you and I miss you! 4/19/1925-10/31/2008

A. Walter Gardner

In honor of my uncle who lives with this disease. We honor the wonderful life that you have lived before this devastating disease has taken so much from you. We love you

A.Anselmo Gill

We love you, We miss you!!

A.Blank & R. Press

you are always in my heart & in my thoughts. I miss you both. love, sharon


mother i will be your memory, i will always be your daughter even if sometimes you call me mother or sister or friend your love still shines thru.We promised to fight ALZ. together one day at a time


A road that no one wanted to travel,as for the way life is we can only wish that these diseases can be wiped off the face of this earth!

A.J. "Joby" Sykes

I miss you, my best friend, everyday. We will continue to fight this disease!

A.J. Bannister

Mother, I'm so sorry this horrible disease has taken over your life. You have always been my hero and my best friend. I love you. Your, daughter.

A.J. Desmarais

There has got to be a cure one day!! I am hopeful!!


I miss you


This is my aunt, my father's sister whom I watch go through the devestating effects of Alzheimer's Disease and I'd like to see more research done towards a cure.


I miss you so much mom...I will always be there with you. I will give you your words your thoughts and your memories when you can't But most of all the love to you that you give to me!589528


miss you much.


Let's work together for a better tomorrow.


I love you


This is my message

AAron Abersworth

Love you buddy

Aaron Baldwin

Daddy, I will always miss you so much. I hated what this disease did to you and to us. Someday they will find a cure so others won't have to suffer the way you did. I love you Dad..See you in Heaven someday soon.

Aaron Edward Fox

I always remember you with love.

Aaron Hibdon & Berto Odineal

I am lighting my candle for my father in law (RIP) and my grandfather that is currently fighting this disease.

Aaron R. Hale

My father, Aaron (coach) Hale,a proud man who contributed to his community throughout his life and was an example to many to live a life of virtue and honor. In his last years, lovingly cared for by my mother and an Alzheimer's unit in Springfield,369 CO

Abba Yaweh

This is for all Believers and Non-believers alike. Know that if humanity doesn't find a cure soon, God Almighty will wipe out all tears and diseases, and what glorious day that will be for all of our loved ones! Until then, don't give up! Sincerely w/love

Abelino Aguirre

We love you pops. We're fighting for you and for all who have alzheimers. We will press on

Abelino Aguirre

Dad, I love you and miss you.


You meant so much to so many. We love you!

Abigail Adams ADH clients

For all the people I cared for over 13 years at the Abigail Adams Adult Day Center in Weymouth. Someday we'll meet again and I will know you even better! Thank you for coming into my life!

Abner Ross

a man that I had a chance to meet and is losing who is and all he's done, here's to hoping your family will understand you.


always with you

About All Caregivers

Your tender loving care is all that counts

Abraham Cohen

We miss you Uncle Red.

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