Only with the heart does one see rightly.... you always lived seeing with your heart... may you feel the love and respect... which is lost with words... J

B MCCauley

You will always be Betty to me! Nothing more nothing less, just a sister at her best, in a glimps you are there, in a blink you have left, knowingly knowing the whole time, cannot communicate this time! beta-amyloid, disconnect, I won't forget!

b seay

Tthe lenguage is the problem for help you but no matter still Iam here forever with you

B&H Ratner

Today your memory inspires action for change.

b. glynn

Glynn family

B. J. Sharp

While conscious recognition of person is gone, love remains untouched...I treasure every moment we are together.

B. Smith

To all of those I've cared for over the past 25 years, both diagnosed and not. You made me laugh and cry, often at the same time. You all touched my life in some way and it's those memories I have of you that I continue to work for a cure in your honor.

B.J. Palmisano

For my Mom B.J. Things may be forgotten and other things may get repeated over and over but she is still a very special person with a wonderful sense of humor and a kind and loving heart. Embrace the moment.


In loving memory of my paternal grandmother.

ba ngoi

I hope my grandma feels better soon.

Babara Kahn

My grandma. Please pray for her. <3

Babci (Stella) Grabowski

Your pancakes are still the best!

Babcia and Uncle Jim

You are not forgotten. Sto lat.

Babcia Szafran

I love you and I miss you. It broke my heart to watch you lose yourself little by little and I find peace in knowing you are with the Lord happier than you've ever been!


I love and miss you LOTS; all of us do!

Balbina Ferrer

To a wonderful grandmother!

Balbina Torres

will be by your side always as you continue with this terrible disease. I love and miss you Mom your daughter Marlene

Bane Asbury

I light this candle in Poppy's honor and in hope that one day soon we will find a cure. <3, Amber

Baoming Zhang

Dear Dad you are a wonderful loving and giving father.It is heartbreaking to see you turning into another stranger. We pray for you everyday and hopefully we can see our real father coming back to us soon.Love you Dad!


Let's put an end to this terrible disease!


Mom, miss you greatly. You were the light of my life.....

Barb Caponigri

I love Lisa.

Barb McGrane

Mom~ you are still my hero and inspiration...this dreadful disease has robbed you and everyone who loves you. I will always fight for you! All my love...

Barb Purdy

We'll be here for you through it all.

Barb Voigt

We love you Grandma! You're not alone in this fight, so just keep your chin up a little while longer. We'll beat this thing together! with all my love, Joe

Barb Voigt

we all love u!

Barb Voigt

We love you Grandma! Always remember, You are my sunshine.....

Barb Voigt

We all love and support you!! You are a WONDERFUL woman!!

Barb W

Mom, Happy Mother's Day - I'll stop by to see you, but I know you won't know that I've been by. On Sunday afternoon I'll be planting flowers and working in the yard - just like you taught me. Love, Janey


My Mother, the most courageous, strongest woman I have ever known. Miss you always, Love you forever, See you soon!


Love you mom - you are the best!


You've been a life-long friend. I'll support you through whatever you go thru. Love and kisses.


I will always love you, even when you don't remember me, I will always love you, forever!!


To the best mom and fighter ever..


We just lost our mother to Alzheimer's within the last week. We love and miss you, but we know that you are in a better place. You are with our Lord and Savior.


For my grandmother who keeps on fighting, every single day.


You're the light of my life.


we'll see it thru together.


You have struggled with dignity and never give up!

Barbara Graser

You were precious and we all miss you deeply

Barbara Osso

You have given so much to my best friend,God will surely Bless you

Barbara (Agnes)

Grandma, I love you more than words can express. Your battle with this disease is almost over. Then you'll be free to watch over us with Grandpa forever. I love you forever.

Barbara (White) Bowlin Gilbertson

So lovely and so loved. In honor of those blue eyes that still shine from time to time. May that light not leave your face just yet. May this thief not rob you so quickly. May a cause and a cure be found soon.

Barbara A Young

Mom I miss the good times we used to have. I cherish the few times you still reconize me. I Love you!!!

Barbara Amiotte

I love you my momma, my friend. I miss you so much even though you're here.

Barbara and Eugene Facemire

Mom and Dad, you are always in my heart!

Barbara Anderson

Mom, I love you and miss you

Barbara Angell

Love you, Mom!

Barbara Ann Dowell

Barbara devoted her life to her family, her students and the community. She touched the lives of many. Barbara A. Dowell, 75, passed away quietly at 3:15am Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at her home in Colfax, Illinois after a 10 year battle with Alzheimerís.

Barbara Ann Harding

You'll forever be in our hearts. We love and miss you so much!

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