Take care


I'd like to light a candle in honour of all the caregivers for people with AD. You're doing an amazing job !!!

C B "Buck" Campbell

Bless you!

C M Chumbley

Stop Alzheimer's!

C M Huber

I know your with jesus

C. Clemence

For all you taught us by example and for all of the kindnesses you showed. We love you Grandpa, for always.

C. Jack D.

Dad, As you always used to say Dad, "Golly Gee!" I sure miss you ~ God whisked you away before we were ready to say Goodbye. Vividly you live in our memories. With all our{Love}!

C. Jack Dalton

Dad your life lives on in my memories of you.I think of our times together working on car,doing projects around the house and your giving of advice during the rough times of my life.I thank God that you were around for us for your wisdom and guidance.

C. Robert Busbey

This candle is dedicated to my dad who was diagnosed with this disease 4 years ago.He's such a gentle man, it makes me so sad knowing he is having to deal with this...not to mention my mother who has to deal with it daily.

C. Spindler

you will always be special in my eyes

C.Arthur Robbins

Forever in our hearts. we love and miss you more and more as each day passes. RIP our loving father.

C.C. Garza Martinez

In memory of my painfully beautiful mother, wo was taken from us long before her body failed her. I know she is restored and perfect again, and we will have a magnificently joyful reunion.

C.E. Williams

I thank God for giving me the courage to face the fact that my mother has been diagnosed with progressive alzheimer. I am learning more about it through Alzheimer Association. She is 76, still alive and bring much joy to her husband, children and family.


Hoping there's a cure before this awful disease robs you of all you know and love.


Love you mom!

C.R. Cunningham

Alzheimer's is capturing it's next victim every sixty nine seconds. I especially do not want anyone else's family to go through what mine has.


in honor of my grandmother as she struggles with this disease.

Cal Miller

Loved and Missed

Calamari Family

For all who suffer from this disease and their families.

Calaway Robert

In memory of my Dad who passed away 3 years ago from Alzheimers

Caldona Shands

14 years you've struggled Momma. We've watched the sparkle go out of those loving eyes, saw the sadness as you knew what was happening. Now you don't know us but what an honor with heart ache to care for You. May God show the researchers the cure quickly

Caleigh Lilly

help light up their lives

Calil Elias

I love you Grandpa an I will always be there for you.

Cally Graham

Best Mother Ever - Love Endures


Dad, I lose a bit of you every day, but I will always cherish the loving, kind, caring father you were through the years, love always

Calvin Hoppmeyer

My dear Daddy, it is so sad to see him slipping away! Forever in my heart.

Calvin Jolley

Your light will always shine! Love and miss you, Bumpa!

Calvin Rossi

Poppa you are the most amazing man I know. I hope to make difference in the world like you have. I will always stay strong for you and Grammie. I love you Poppa, always and forever.

Camilla Marr

Hoping for a cure soon!

camille braccia

praying for all

camille braccia

good work

Camille M. Mozzetta

Mom,it's been almost three years since you left us. I miss you each day & thank God for the strength he gave me to be able to help you. It was my daily joy spending time with you,laughing and even crying together. Til We're Together Again-Love Marilyn

Camp Smile in Mobile, AL

I love you Camp Smile kids.

Campbell W. Gore

To a man that has always been there for others; who loves family and friends.

candace madelyne

Madelyne was a genius she knew she was sick. She progressed with in two weeks She died in 2009 But she still knew God and Jesus and knew they were with her to the end. Amen

Candida Vega

My Beautiful Abuelita your legacy lives in on my heart.

Candy Schoening

I miss you mom

Cantor Jonas Garfinkel

A kind and gentle man, a wise and virtuous soul. To my father, with love.

Capt John H Bennett, Jr.

I love you Dad. Keep on keeping on.

Capt Orville L Sayre

After all the wars it wasn't fair to go like this. I miss you.

Capt Orville L Sayre

After all the wars it wasn't fair to go like this. I miss you.

Capt. John W. Trimmer

Daddy, miss you so much. You have a new Grandson since U left. Love your kids

Car H Kline

Love you Grandpa, miss you very much, I know that it was time for you to go to the Angels. Angie

Cara Stokes

Let the light shine bright in honor of the woman whose light encouraged all of us.

Care Givers

For all the caregivers and familys. Especially my mother.

Care givers of alsheimer patients

You are doing a very service to your patient and the whole family. God bless you for all you do.

Care Takers

My message is for those who take care of patients with Alzheimers. You are worthy of divine support may you find the strength in smiles you seldom see and in knowing you have given your very best to another. In case you didn't hear it lately, I love you.


To all caregivers. I am a caregiver, and no one knows like we do how difficult this journey is. Please know that I understand, and stand by you for your courageous battle. For us, this disease is the most difficult. God's Speed to all of us!


For all the caregivers both paid and unpaid, for their tireless love and caring


Honoring those caring for an individual with Alzheimer's disease

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This year, there was unprecedented support for our Virtual Rally. Thank you to the more than 20,000 Alzheimer's Champions from across the country who came online to remember loved ones affected by Alzheimerís.

The success of our Virtual Rally was equaled only by the Candlelight Tribute Rally, which took place at the nation's Capitol on the evening of May 15, 2011, as part of the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum.

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