In Memory of my grandmother.


Prayer for help for all who suffer with this condition.

E Faught

In memory of my Dad who always kept the "candles" burning at home for all of us! We love you Dad and miss your wonderful "belly laugh" that kept us going in the final stages of your fight!

e shields

You are so strong.

E. Bruce

1922 - 2009

E. Fabrizio

I will always remember you as a strong and courageous woman. I love and miss you grandma!

E. Field

Peace. Acceptance.

E. Guss

In honor of Grandma as Mother's Day nears.

e. klein

it was difficult to see dad like this.

E. T. Sharp, Jr.

To see what is left of the man you were is so very painful. I miss your smile. I love you dearly, Pop.

E.F. "Smitty" Smith, Jr.

Grandad was a very special man. We will continue to fight Alzheimer's in his honor!

E.H. Wright

Father, I remember so many good times, so much that you gave us, your children. You are still alive, but you are a shadow of your former self. You still smile, when you see me though, and I cherish you and the memory of the love an care you gave us...

E.J. Batchelor

I Love you Grandaddy!


Old soldiers never die they just fade away.. I love you and I miss you Dad. 4/11/10

E.L.'Stan' Stanley

An inquiring mind reduced to fourteen years of dependency. Rest in peace Dad.

E.T. Sharp Jr.

You are the best Daddy a girl could ever have. You have been a shining example to all that you have touched. I will always be your little girl. Love you, Donna


You have fought a long, hard battle and I know you are getting tired. You have always been my rock when I needed strength and my soft place to fall when I needed comfort. I love you...always..your Norma Sue.


God Bless all who are suffering with this disease.


I love you dearest husband of 53 years. I am here with you always.

earl adams

in honor of earl adams and his loving wife.

Earl Adams1959

Love of my life, we are on that long train ride together. 49 was to young to find out, 51 is too young to have this disease, lets try to make 60 together, home is where ever I am with you. heart of my heart xoxo Jenny

Earl and Vriginai Weaver

We miss you both everyday!!

Earl Campbell

we all miss you so very much dad!

Earl Conner

I love you Daddy!

Earl Davis

loving grandpa lost to us much too soon. Love you, Pa!

Earl Elmore

With all my love and honor of the life you led, Dad. I will never forget the memories and will keep them alive for you!

Earl H Simmonds

I niss you so much, Dad.

Earl Hubbs

I love you Daddy!!! I miss you and think of you every day!!!!!

Earl Hudson

To my dear Dad. Died from the disease, Dec 7, 1998

Earl Johnson

Gadzooks, Daddy, I miss you!!

Earl Jr. & Earl III

I pray for a cure soon. Lost father who suffered 10 years. Losing 62yr old brother who is dying now. Find a cure.

Earl L. Mathewson

You are my hero. Your wisdom will NEVER be forgotten and will be passed down for many generations. No one will ever take your place, your still strong in so many hearts. I love you forever. CJ

Earl L. Rowland

Honoring the Greatest Grandpop in the World. You are our Guardian Angel in Heaven. We Miss you!

Earl Reichl

Hard to believe it's been almost 12 years since you left us, dad. We miss you every day. Mom has lit a candle in your memory everydday sinmce you've been gone. We'll find a cure and stamp out his terrible disease. I love you, dad.

Earl Rosser

Miss you Great Grandpa!

Earl Schaffer

To a wonderful man, my Grandfather ?

Earl Schaffer

My loving grandfather

earl shafer

dear grandpa, i was so young when my parents seperated. for whatever reason, i didnt have the chance to make a lot of memories with you before you were diagnosed with parkinsons, than deminsia. i make my own choices now and visit u as much as i can. i lov

Earl Tesno

miss you Pap and all the fun we had Love Cindy

Earl Thompson

This is for my husband, Earl, who was always a vibrant person...full of life, loves the outdoors, and a superb finish carpenter. A form of Alzheimer's called "Visual Alzheimers" is now robbing him of his former life. I pray for him!

Earl Thompson

A good man who has given of his talents to honor, uplift, and love unconditional

Earl Thompson

Jesus loves you. You are a wonderful person. Just remember you are one of God's children

Earl Thompson

Nancy Ferne is your personal angel and is dear to me and my family.

Earl VanKohn (Grandpa)

Love and miss you everyday!!

Earl Williams

Love you daddy....

Earlene Hudson

Mom is in the last stages of Alzheimer's. She was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother . Now Alzheimer's has taken all her memories of this life away. Let's end Alzheimer's today.

Earlene Wilson

We will never forget you Big Momma! We love you, always and forever.

Earline Campbell

Remembering fondly the person you were before you got lost in this disease

Earline Campbell

Your light will shine forever in your daughters' eyes, even though it dimmed a bit in yours at the end. We love you for who you were when you shone at your brightest.

Earline Drayton

Earline Drayton maintained her loving and pleasant demeanor throughout the wicked stages of Alzheimer's. And at the end, she was absolutely radiant. In her honor, I pray that my small part in helping to end this disease will light the way for many others

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