F L H Kell

This candle is in memory of my mother who had alzheimers.

F. Marilyn Millar

Marilyn is my mother. She will be 80 in July. She has had symptoms since 2002 and had a stroke so she can't talk very much. She was a piano teacher, church organist, and even taught in a one room school house in the 1940's. I miss the person she was.

Fabiola Paquette

Nos coeurs communiquaient profondément malgré la maladie. Jamais je n'oublierai tes moments de lucidité maman chérie. Je t'aimerai toujours et regrette ta présence! xxxxx


For my loving wife of 38 years, I'm trying to do my best and pray that I can handle it all.

Faith Breehl & Melva Urfer

In honor of my grandma ... she is such a wonderful woman and has been so dear to me all my life. All the years she has taken time for me, it is my turn to help her now when she really needs her families support. She no longer remembers me but I feel everytime I see her she does recongize me. It is h

Falsey Daniels

For my Grandma, I will love you forever and always.

Families all over

Love yall

families and caregivers

To all the families that are dealing with this dreadful disease. Always remember to "Keep the Faith"..

Families and Cargivers

I light this candle for all the families and caregivers who struggle with helping their loved one fight this fatal disease.

Families and Friends affected

In support of our vision of A world without Alzheimer's disease.

Families and the people i have taken care of!

This terrible disease affects many and a cure to the disease is what we all need!!!!!!!!

Families dealing with Alzheimers

I pray for all the families and caregivers of people afflicted by Alzheimers. This has to be one of the most devestating diseases to deal with. I am a caregiver and watch families that are torn apart by this disease. I pray for an end to this disease.

Families of Alzheimer's patients

Stay strong knowing many are working hard to conquer this disease.

Families of Lubbock, TX

For all of the families in the Lubbock area facing Alzheimer's.

Families of those with dementia

I light a candle for the many wonderful people and their families who have been devastated by this disease.


For my family and residents I take care off <3


Know that you are loved

Family & Friends

love & hugs

Family & Friends

For all my family members/friends who have battled or are battling this disease!

Family & Others

For my Dad, my aunts who now rest in Heaven, for my uncle and all others who suffer from this disease. For all the caretakers and families who have loved ones living with this disease -- let us pray to our Lord for a cure soon

Family and Friends

For family and friends, who suffer. In the memory of who they once were.

Family and Friends

For all those who have touched us....

Family and Friends who had dementia

I've known and loved too many with Alzheimer's or related dementias. May they and their caregivers find peace and hope, and may we help find a cure!

family and friends with Alz

I know you and love you. Many persons are working hard to ax Alzheimer's Disease through research, education and treatment. Meanwhile, we care....


to all caregivers...may a cure be found and the suffering ended

Family caregivers

To all family caregivers who give so selflessly.

Family Members

Supporting family members with the disease, as well as others who don't have family members to support them in their fight against Alzheimers.

Family who died from early on-set Alzheimer's disease

PLEASE! do all you can to find a cause, treatment and cure of this devastating diseas. Kay

Fannie Austin

You are resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus. We love you and miss you.God knows what was best.Your daughter,grand children,great grands and great-great grands.

Fannie E. Kelley

For my Mother and all my Friends at Memory Prople and all that suffer from this catastrophic disease.

Fannie Mae Hart

To the sweetest lady I have every had the pleasure to know. Thank you Fannie Mae for all the years of love and caring you have given. Love, Randi, Scott, Aaron, Brooke & Ashton

Fannie Mae Hart

The greatest Grandmother in the world!!!

Fannie Pickel

I miss you mom even though your body is here you're not here.and that makes me so sad.

Fannie W. Jones

In memory of Mrs. Fannie W. Jones (March 7, 1913-September


This horrible sickness started taking you away little by little at an early age. This candle is in memory of you I love you Margot



Fatema Khala

It's about time I take care of you <3

Father and Sister

Let's work together to find a cure!

Father of K Doyle

In his memory--until we conquer this great destroyer

Faustina Roberts Painter

Miss You. Love You.

Fay Kaufmann

I love you Mom and I miss you.

Fay Landis

This is because I miss you so much everyday I wish you were still here. There are so many things I miss about you but you are always with me. I love you!

Fay Martin Burns

May God give wisdom to those who are researching treatment for this cruel disease.

Fay Wills

Momma, I love you. I miss our talks.

Fay, Norma

Miss you Mom

Faye Moore

My Sis Will always be my Sis even when she doesn't recognize me.

Faye Rycus

Mom-I miss you every day! I finally figured out how to make your stuffed cabbage....I knew you were with me as I was cooking. I know you would be proud of me at how far I have come, finally!!! I miss and Love you! Lisa

Faye Burch

In memory of my mother-in-law, who was taken too early. We miss you!

Faye Dumas

I Love You Aunt Faye!

Faye E. Miles

My partner of 31 years is slowly slipping away. I miss our life. I love you.

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About the Rally

This year, there was unprecedented support for our Virtual Rally. Thank you to the more than 20,000 Alzheimer's Champions from across the country who came online to remember loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s.

The success of our Virtual Rally was equaled only by the Candlelight Tribute Rally, which took place at the nation's Capitol on the evening of May 15, 2011, as part of the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum.

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