Love u mom...miss u alot

G Martin

Sorry that you have to go through this nasty disease

G money/ nancy

We miss you dearly. You were and always will be the foundation of our family. I miss hearing your country phrases! I'm so proud to have you as a strong role model. Always on my mind-


I still have hope ando you teached me how hope is important for life, thank you.

G Salemme

words cannot express

g v desh

My 86 yrs old father had a hard life in childhood,but was successful in his career and retired at 60.Post retirement he did not have social life nor had any hobby that would keep him mentally fit.This perhaps aggravates the disease I suppose.


You were the greatest grandmother. You have taught me so much about life. You were the one constant person in my life. I miss and love you everyday. I hope you're gardening, fishing, and spending time with all your loved ones in heaven. I love you !

G. Beard


G. Frank Bly

In loving memory of my Grampa Bly!

G. G.

I wish.... I wish... I wish.

G. G. Feia

For my grandma who, despite Alzheimer's, lives and loves life.

G. Hargis

You brought joy to my mother's life before you forgot her name. She misses you.

G. Richard Hess

This is for you, Grandpa Dick!

G. Stoddard

You are missed George. See you on the other side.

G.K. Abner

My heart will always belong to you, Daddy. Alzheimers took your spirit & your mind, but it can't take my memories of you. You touched so mnay lives through your ministry. God grant you peace of mind for your last days with us. I love you so much.


in honor of my grandpa that taught me life lessons

Gabriela Del Carmen Hernandez

Deares Mommy not a Day goes by that I don't miss you. I hate that this disease has affected you and others the way it has. I Love you and Thank God that he Chose you to be my Mother. I Love You Always!

Gabriella & Ignacio Willie

I pay tribute to my parents, Mom who has moderate to advanced dementia and fights the battle daily. Dad who is moderate and keeps a smile and great attitude. I love you both so much. I admire your courage.

Gabrielle Ottoway

We all miss you.



Gaetano Raineri

We miss you so much Dad. Your were a great man and wonderful father!Thank you for your love.

Gaetano Raineri

We love and miss you so much Dad, thank you for all of the wonderful years.

GaGa (Lillian Balser Walker)

Praying for a cure



Gail E. Rocco

I light this candle in honor of my mother who is currently fighting this cruel disease, and my father who has been by her side the entire time. You both are strong, brave, and beautiful. Love you more than you will ever know.

Gail Einkorn

Mom you were far too young (46) to get this horrible disease! We should have had many more years with you! We miss you more and more every day! Love you!

Gail Jackson

Dad, take care of my wife Billie for me. I know that the two of you are now resting in peace.

Gail Kinsky

Te extranio, mi querida Gail.

Gail Mattsson

Thanks for being a strong, smart, capable woman. You were a good role model. While ALZ has robbed all of us of your spirit, we remember you!

Gail Slate

To a wonderful mother, way back when.


I regret that I never had the opportunity to meet you... But if you're anything like the daughters your raised, I can tell you were an amazing person. I hope you're resting in peace knowing that you are loved and missed by a lot of people Mrs. Bolt...

GAIL-Melinda "Gail" BOlt

You are truely missed! A wonderful person, this world is just not the same without you. Your smile & kindness lingers on this earth. An angel on earth & now a angel in heaven. RIP LOVING WIFE< MOMMA< & NANA! We will try our hardest to beat this disease <3

GAIL-Melinda "Gail" Bolt

I love & miss u so much! 54 was too young for this disease to take you from us. I'm still doing anything I can to help find a cure! Your missed more than words can ever say!!! I know your my angel in heaven watching over us. Til' we meet again momma <3

Gaither Keller

You live on in my heart


I honor my stepmom who is severely afflicted with alzheimer's at the age of 60. I also give a TON of credit to my Dad who cares for her.

Gale Evan (Mauney) McRorie

My friend's sister

Gale Evan Mauney McRorie

For my sister & forever friend. Will keep fighting 4 U. God's Blessing & Peace.

Gale Stephenson

Thank you for being the best Dad in the whole, wide world. It is an honor to be one of your caregiving team. Even in your most challenging moments you are a gentleman. We'll keep on keeping on until you and Mom meet just beyond the moon.

Galen Dellinger Sr.

In memory of a wonderful grandfather who is truley missed by all.

Galligan, John Sr.

Be at Peace Daddy and know you are missed! Love you! Your Baby Girl Bernadette


We miss and love you so much...

Gandpa Yates!

I love and miss you!

Garfield Wellington

Alzheimer's cut short the vitality of his life. He was and still is a beloved and gentle heart - a father, grandfather, great-grandfather and loving husband. He is truly missed each and every day.

Garland Staton

My Paw I miss you so much but I know that you are heaven doing what you want and your mind is no longer being attacked by this terribel disease. You were a man that I looked up to and admirred and loved and respected the most in this world.

Garnet Mackling

I love my grandmother dearly, and i miss her so much even though her body is still here, alzheimers has taken her mind and taken her from my family and i. I miss her everyday, and i tell her everytime i see her. we have to stop this disease

Garren Clontz

In honor of my papa whom is the light of my world. I miss you so much, and Love YOU more!!! OXO, 3 in May.


You will always be my mom and you will always be loved

Garrett VanDyke

In honor of my grandfather Garrett VanDyke. It was hard to see you fade away- but I know your in a better place now. I LOVE YOU!

Garrett, Harry

Dad, you have been gone for just a month, but my real dad has been gone for much longer. Alzheimer's robbed you of your vitality and zest for life. But I'm grateful you had so many years of retirement with Mom. I know Mom and Heaven welcomed you.

Garth D. Lake

We miss you Dad, every day. xoxo Robin

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