thank you mom for being such a Godly woman and a wonderful mom I miss you so much its only been 2 weeks and it seems like its been forever. I know you are in no more pain and I know i will see you again love you pam


Praying for a cure!

H H Nunnally

World War II veteran


May Alzheimer become a disease that people are comfortable talking about.

H Joseph Saturday

To our Uncle

H. Adele Plaskett-George

Gone but not forgotten. We miss you and keep you warm spirit in our hearts and pray for the day that the cause and cure are found.

H. Edsel Buchanan

I love you Dad and I will NEVER stop fighting until there's a cure!!

H. H. Nunnally

H. Ray Burton

Dad....I love you so very much and I know you are almost at the end of your journey, but I will never forget you!

H. Skinner

Love ya poppa!

H.L. Cochrane

We love and miss you and think of you often. Your memories and stories live on.

H.P. Jett

We miss you.

H.T. Almaraz

For my loving Grandpa who has this disease. I'm grateful everything you ever did and gave me. Now it's my turn give back.

H.T., D.T., and D.J.T.

Love you guys, and so sorry you have had to live with this..

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I love this gaaaal.<3

Hal Brewer

Dad, grandad, husband, hero ... we miss you every day.

Halle Van Buren

She is one HILARIOUS kid. She believes her sister has toe fungus, and doesn't like to share her taco bell.(:

Haney, James D.

You've gone into the darkness but someday we will meet again in His light. I love you.


you lived such a full life and taught me how to live even by being with you through your transition with this incredible challenge!

Hank DiGuisseppi

Beautiful husband, beautiful father, beautiful friend, so strong, but gentle, so loving, love u

Hank johantgen

I love you, Hank! I'm by your side forever!

Hank Mannon, JoAnn Nickerson

Miss you grandma & grandpa!

Hank Postel

in honor of my father and all the people that suffer from this horrible disease!

Hanley Family

To all those we lost


Find a cure!

Hannah Chiasson

Miss you every single day.

Hannah Freeman

Find a cure or a prevention so that not one more person has to suffer as she did

Hannah Hetteen

I love you Grandma!

Hannah J. Lindberg

We all still miss you mom and know that you are finally out of the living nightmare of Alzheimer's and dancing with Dad. I also know you both are the angels helping me in my life.

Hannah Ligon

Love you grandma.

Hannah Marie McDermott Pea

I was blessed to care and share Dear Mommadomma. You deserved it so. And You gave so much Love in return. I miss Us.

Hannah Peterson

She has had Demintia for five years and is slowly going down hill.

Hannah Smith Watson

R.I.P. Grandma, She is in Heaven making her brownies.

Hannah Wasserman

Mom, Even in the wake of this insideous disease, you maintained your dignity and love. I will always love you. Laura

Hannah Wester and Anna Paul

For my mother and my grandmother, who both had Alzheimer's.


Missing you so much...we love you <3


This candle is in honor of all our Memory Care residents that we have been able to and continue to provide a quality of life, dignity and respect while living with Alzheimer's.

Hardy Chism, DB Benford

Both of my Grandpas were taken by this horrible disease. I miss you both like crazy.

Harlan Hanna

Miss u everyday dad


I am missing my husband, my best friend, as Alzheimer's disease is robbing him of so much. I pray for a cure.

Harley Aldrich

In our hearts, you will always be with me and I will always be with you. Love, your honey.

Harley Poole

We miss you so much. If I could do things over...

Harmon Berlingo

Love you and miss you always! ....beautiful tulips....

Harold Allen

In memory of my wonderful wonderful Uncle Harold who suffered from Alzheimer's for years.We all loved you so much

Harold and Robert Hutchens

In memory of "Hutch" and in honor of Robert

Harold Benson

Keep fighting

Harold Bockus

Love and miss you!

Harold Cooper

In loving memory of my Papa.

Harold Dickinson


Harold Doyle

May you find peace.

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