I am honoring ALL fo the residents Here at Arbor House Assisted Living Center Midwest City

Those we love are never truely gone.They live in treasured memories in the hearts of those whose lives they've touched and shared along the way.Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime and never let go till we're gone.

I am honoring my mother, Ruby Beatrice Rooney

My mother was always there for us. She oved her family (husband-Garland twin daughters-Cozette & Covette and her special grandaughter,Adiah. We miss her so much, but know she is at peace. We support the fight for a cure.

I am honoring my mother, Sara Shrom Diefenderfer, her father and 2 sisters

I know you're "in there" somewhere still. I love you and miss the Mom you used to be. Oh how I wish God would be ready for you now because I know you don't want to be in this "living hell".

I honor all my past patients

This candle is for all my patients and their families that have been affected by this disease

I honor all those who are are, have or will suffer and their families

So far I have been spared, but who knows if they will be stricken one day also? My heartfelt wishes to them all and their families.

I worked @ a senior community and this candle is lite for all those that I ment there

to all who have Alzheimer and their families

Ibis Nunez

Mom I know you're in heaven once again walking talking and smilng. I love u

Ibis Nunez

In memory of my best friend mother


you'll be missed

Ida "Kathy" Marr

For Momma ~ who fought a great fight! We love Miss & Love Forever 1936 - 2006

Ida and Henry Lazzaro

We miss you greatly and hope that a cure will be found in my lifetime.

ida and leo reiss

we miss you both so much you always brought joy and lovevinto our hearts and home love dyann ,stephen ,dani, bryann and gabby

Ida Anselmo

To My Dear Beautiful Mom This terrible disease took you away from us I will love you always and forever

Ida Antunes

May a cure be found soon and in the meantime, medication that will truly stop this disease from progressing.

Ida Cadetto

My memory of you is with the days we walked, talked and laugh. Miss u annie


Auntie Ida was a beautiful woman both inside and out. She was a loving and caring Aunt. Devoted wife, mother and grandmother I think of her often and miss her. Her daughter was totally devoted to her cared for her with love and patience.

Ida Cadetto

you are always in my heart. love, deb

Ida Cadetto

Miss ya

Ida Cadetto

In memory of the best mother and grandmother in the world. We love and miss you love rosanne and jimmy

Ida Cadetto

Auntie Ida made the BEST lemon knot cookies. :)

Ida Cadetto

<3 Aunt Ida

Ida Campbell

Grandmother, Mu, I Love You and I will be Your Voice, because you were my spiritual advisor. No one should have to endure this debilatating disease, I will encourage others to let their voices be heard, too. Love Your Grand Daughter, Catrina.

Ida Crosby

God Bless

Ida Cucchi

Everyone knows someone somewhere affected by this devastating disease. If not yet....it's unfortunately just a matter of when. "Help Us!" is what everyone desperately cries.....we need a cure NOW!

Ida D'Amico

You may not remember but you are greatly loved by many!

Ida D"Amico

Dear Mom, you may not remember but you are deeply loved by many.

Ida Eaton

In Honor of my mother everyone favorite school teacher, who taught so many of life lessons

Ida Ervin

We miss you Mom, but we have your love.

Ida Falk

Still in our hearts and mind. Martin and Joan. You did well mother.218698

Ida Falk

you deserve to be memorialized. We loved you. Martin and Joan.

Ida G. Dudwick

Although my mother who died when she was 95 didn't have Alzheimers, but she had dementia in the last month of life, I am honoring her. I hope they find a cure for Alzheimers.

Ida Gold

You're still my mother and I'm happy I've taken the time to get to know the new version of you. I continue to love your essence and the child that you've become to me. Your devoted daughter, Lorna

Ida Gurney and Clara Gurney

In memory of Mom and Aunt Clara. Love you, Micky

Ida J. Bowers

My motherinlaw fought such a hard battle with this disease.My prayers are with all of those suffering today.

Ida Jean Bowers

In memory of my grandmother who courageously fought a 10 year war with Alzheimers. The disease won but I dream of a day when no one else has to see their grandmother deteriorate with it.

Ida "Kathy" Catherine Marr

For Mom: Mrs. Ida "Kathy" Prusia - Marr, 1936-2006. Who fought her life - A Great Fight Against Alzheimers!We Miss & Love You Forever!And who would have wanted us to continue her fight for others like her. She loved the USA!Fight Alzheimers forever!

Ida Lee Davis

Your light will always shine within me! I Love and Miss you Granny- Gege

Ida Mae Jones

Mom, words cannot express how grateful i am to having had you to lead me and guide me in the things that you knew to be right and true. You have done a tremendous job with all of us! Love you eternally!

Ida Mae Kohari

In honor of you Mama, the strongest and most precious lady that I will ever know. I will never stop praying for and fighting for this disease that can rob us of so much. It can never take our love nor or memories. I will love you always, Janice Lynn

Ida Mae Matthews

We love you and miss you, but we know you are in a better place than you spent the last several years with this terrible disease.

Ida May Smith

Dear Mommy, You have given so many so much. Thank you. I am blessed and honored to be your daughter. Everything good that I have done and experienced I attribute to you, your strength, love and support. You never let me down, never left me out there.Love

Ida Prien

You are sadly missed by the residents and staff at Horizon Heights

Ida Schriber

In memory of my loving mother whose life was cut way too short because of Alzheimer's.

Ida Tadros

Aunt Ida - You taught, love, faith and family. You fought this terrible disease and your are missed everyday. Love, Jimmy, Sue Sue & Timothy

Ida Yourison

Love you Ida!

Idalia S Garcia

My Mom, always and still today the light of my Life.

IDORA Caissie

Ilove you so much MOM. I think of you everyday and miss you your little smile :)

Idora Marie Caissie

Miss you Mom! <3

Iduma Huckelby

My wonderful Grams didn't start showing signs of Alzheimer's disease until three months before her death, and even then she was always such a loving, caring woman. I thank God that He cared for her lovingly until the end.

Ike Arnold

To a great family man and terrific coach.

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