With love to your life, to your fight. With God's help we can change it.

J Allman

Keep on fighting

J Carey Moore

I am lighting this candle to honor the memory of my father who died from complications related to Alzheimer's Disease last May. I pray for a cure. I love you Daddy!

J Hammond

I love you Mom,I pray you will be with us for many years to come. If only I knew then what I know now. I love you. Di

J Hosking

To my Dad who struggles with this disease everyday.

J Juett

Keep up the good fight!

J M Watso

Miss you everyday Johnnie Mae

J mumford

Love you!!

J Porter

Missin ya Grandma!

J Powers

in loving memory of my mom! taken by this disease 5 years ago. praying for a cure!

J. Arnold

God Bless You Dad as you fight this horrible disease ~ You remain a loving husband and father and a true gentleman

J. Carl Minzes

I miss you Dad! We are going to beat this for you aand all of those like you. Those stolen too soon from thosse that love you/them. Thanks for being my Dad.

J. Carl Minzes

In honor of my father in law who so bravely fought this disease with dignity and grace..until the end September 19,2003. We love and miss you. Robin, Jenny, Christopher

J. D. H.

J. Hosking

To my father who is living with this disease and putting up a good fight.

J. House

Precious Mom of dear friends - God bless!

J. Huber Leath

In memory of J. Huber Leath

J. J. Crim, Jr.

My father is suffering from Alzheimer's. He turns 91 years old on the 25th of May. Pray for a cure.

J. Keith

I'm so proud of the way you are facing this disease head on. You are the best dad a girl could have.

J. Leonard Gerrald

Daddy, although this disease is stealing you from us, we love you very, very much.



J. Ralph Jolly

TO my loving, wonderful daddy. I miss you so much!!!!!!!! I love you!!! LOIS

J. Reiter

I am an SLP who works with people who suffer from this disease. May GOD bless and researchers continue to find a cure.

J. Rice

This candle is for all alzheimers patients and their families.

J. Schissel

I love you Dad?

J. Schissel family

Thank you for the wonderful stories you have left behind for us , I can still hear your laughter and I miss it and I miss you all- My Love.

J. Stuart Inglis

Love you Dad! Miss you so much!

J. William Roseberry

God will restore what you have lost and we will love each other perfectly in heaven, for eternity.


We miss you Jess. Til we meet again, know we all love and miss you.

J.B. Jones

I love you and miss you grandpa.


In memory of J I who died of it and all those who struggle with it daily and their caregivers.

J.Nolte, R. Wolle

Great mom and grandmom.


You're my inspiration each and every day! Can do!

Jaaksi Alexander Hafley

Mom - Alzheimer's took you from us twice. 10 years ago it began to take your mind. On 12/16/2010 it took your life. Today I know you are in the arms of Jesus and free, but I miss you every single day.

Jacalyn Becnel Papelette

This little light of mine is shining for my bright star in the sky. It will be 6 months Sunday since we have lost u to this horrible diease. We love u and miss u more and more everyday. May god bless everyone that has to go through this.<3


all those beautiful people that i have taken care of ....and that leave us all to soon...


To my husband of 54 years


For my Dad who has managed to keep his funny bone intact.


We miss you Dad, but are thankful you are "you" again. Til we see you again, Love always, your family


Here is to all the heroes!

Jack & Annabelle Staubs

My father, Jack H. Staubs lost his battle with alzheimers in 1997. My mother in 2007. I miss them both very much! Love, Judy

Jack & Helen Swinford

My dad passed in 1991 and now at the ae of 91 my mother is suffering with Alzheimer's also, I pray for a cure or at least something to lessen the chances of developing it. I have it on both sides of my family & hope my kids don't have to bear heartache.

Jack Abadji

We love you Papa

Jack and Jerry Tharp

This is in honor of both my uncles. I wish there was more I could do to help you. With love.

Jack Baronian

I love you dad, and I will never forget the person you were. I miss that man. Mari says she will find a cure, it may be too late for you, but maybe she will and help save someone else's dad.

Jack Beattie

You have been my husband of 44yrs and my best friend - I miss you so much as we both get older - it should be such a happy time for us

Jack Beattie

Dad, I love and miss you. Its such a shame you can't enjoy life with us all.

Jack Billups

I miss you so very much Grandpa!

Jack Bradley

In loving memory of my Dad - we miss you & think of you often

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