yiayia i love you so much and i wish i new you when you were healthy i know you were a amazing women



K Malone

I only got to know you a few years before the onset of this horrible disease, but with those few yrs and the way you raised your children I know you are a wonderful man! THANK YOU Father-In-Law!

K O Comer

I miss our talks!

K. Roberts

This disease will affect more and more people as the years go on. We have to find new ways to fight against it!! We must do this now, without delay!!

K. Smith

Always thinking of you

K.B. Walker

My husband and I watched his great-grandmother fight a battle against Parkinson's Disease. We will never forget you, "Ganky" and will continue the fight and spread the awareness of Alzheimer's Disease. Love you!

K.C. Byrd

In memory of my grandpa

K.C. Fuller and Chuckie Lyons

To two of the most brave and inspiring women I have had the privilege to know!

K.H. Malone

For my beloved father in law, I miss you already.

K.H. Malone

Dad, we know the person you were will always be part of our lives. Your brilliant mind and wisdom is now part of your children. We miss those never ending words of advice. We will work hard to pass them on to your future generations.


to my beloved sister

Kalamazoo Sufferers

Always keep hope(:

Kalevi Karlstedt

I am here for you Dad ! I love you !

Kalle Sormunen

In loving memory of my father Kalle Sormunen. Love you and miss you Dad!


I love you, Mom. I'm doing what I can to help end Alzheimer's for you.


Some day people will no longer have to suffer with this terrible disease. For now I am here to help you when you can not help yourself. We will continue on as a team!


May you rest in peace

Karen and all those living with Alzheimer's

Let's find a cure!!

Karen and Mom

Karen we miss you but we know that you are at peace and are with us everyday. Mom, we will be here for you and we hope you don't suffer as much as Karen. Love you both.



Karen Davis

I Love You Momma

Karen Dolph, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone in the world that suffers from this.

It will be alright. Your loved ones are there and will always be<3

Karen Ferguson

This is in honor of my Grandma. She was a strong woman and Alzheimer's took away the last 7 years of her spirit. We have lost her but I will fight in her name to help find a cure in anyway I can so others do not have to lose their Grandma like I did.

Karen Fritz

I will always love you sis!!

Karen Fritz

Mom you left this world a better place when... and ill never forget the lessons you taught me. Compliment a stranger, love with full compassion and live a life of love and forgiveness. I was lucky to have been blessed as your son Love Eddie

Karen Fritz

Today my mom passed away from a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease. Despite knowing for a long time this day was inevitable it did not lessen the pain and shock of it for me. My mom was a kind and gentle soul and although she suffered greatly and for a long time on this earth I know she is in a

Karen Graham


Karen Joyce

Let us find a cure <3

Karen Martin

I love you with every heartbeat in my body, and though you can no longer fight this battle, WE will fight for you! I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

Karen Nelson Fawver's Dad

God Bless Karen's Dad with many,many more days of health to the point he's able to hug and speak to Karen for many days ahead, Please provide us with the means for a cure for alzheimer's

Karen Sprissler Fritz

You were such a great lady! We will always be thinking of you! Love You Kelly Sprissler

Karen Wirth-Roehrick

We still miss you more than words can ever say. You and I had our differences when I was younger but you were the only real mother I had. You loved us, you adored your grand children. You were a light to all. I love you & miss you & Dad SO much!

Karen Wirth-Roehrick

I miss you Mom. You left us way too soon, but I'm proud of you. You promised you'd never forget Dad and you never did. God bless you too Karla for taking such good care of her and for all your sacrifices. God bless all who cared for her & miss her.

Karen Yacovelli

In honor of my mom, Liis Hensel, diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia at age 57. At home with my dad and excellent caregivers....thanks Ronnie and Susan.

Karen, Bob and Don

For my friends Karen, Bob and Don who fight this devastating disease with unrelenting strength, passion and love.


I'm lighting this candle for my self as I have a form of alzheimer's

Karin Schwedler

To ending this terrible disease for those suffering now and those who will suffer in the future if a cure is not found.

Karin W. Capps

In loving memory of my mom.

Karin W. Capps

We love you and miss you!


You've been a wonderful big sister for sixty years. I love you now and forever.

Karlton Residential

I will light a candle for everyone that have lost someone from this Disease. My devotion in supporting everyone will be forever in helping.

Kate Beck

To a loving Aunt whom I will always cherish and treasure! I love you Aunt Kate! <>< Whitney

Kate Ciaramella

In honor of Kate!

Kate Kirby

Every day with you is a blessing. I love you grandma!

kate mclaughlin

momma i miss you and so does all your family i know your happy now in heaven with your husband looking down on all of us and probably laughin at us all love you

Kate, Janet and Bill Sutton

Remembering 3 amazing people. You are missed. Love you all.

Katerina Demeroukas

Although you were dad's favorite aunt, and always stuffed my face with food that I didn't want, you were awesome, and have raised amazing kids, my favorite aunt(: You were very brave and had an amazing fight! LUVYA, missya(:

Kath Lucy

This ones for you Mim! Love and hugs always, from your granddaughter xoxoxoxo


We Love and miss you very much.

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