N Patten

N. Figueroa

We miss you!

N. McCreary

Mom, we still have you physically with us but miss that spark and spunk that has been taken away all too soon.

N. T.


N. Vetter

I love you, Grandma! :D

N.L Brown

We miss you Uncle N.L!


Help for all.


God, may you have it in your plan to let scientists find a cure for Alzheimers.





Nabil Girgess

may all our days together continue to keep you with us and enjoy many many more YOU ARE THE BEST MAN I KNOW I LOVE YOU MY ONLY BUBBA, MY ONLY DAD

Nada Anderson

Love and miss you....Some day there will be a way to stop this awful thing from happening to others and you will have helped along the way

Nada Gavin

I love you and miss you so much..I think about you every single day.. I know that Daddy and Bill are taking care of you..

Nada Gavin

I love and miss you so much mother.. Not a day goes by that I don't hink about you.

Nada Owen

To honor my wonderful mom who died recently of this dreaded disease.She was lovely and thank God, unknowingly affected. However we and all of us are. To light a candle and hope for a cure.

Nada Yvonne Meeker Gavin

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Grandma. I miss you so very much! You would be would be so proud of our family. Feeling your presence always...Shelley


It's hard to watch my Mom dwindle in front of my eyes. I love you!

Nadine Burroughs

In honor of my grandmother who is living with Alzheimer's. This has been a horrible road traveled watching a strong woman return to infancy. I walk and raise money hoping a cure will be found soon. For me and my future please keep the research going!!

Nadine DeLay

Miss you, Mom.



Nadir Halluch

A super mom, lovely grandmother. A fighter and now fighting Alzheimer. Mom I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


I love you <3

Nan Abernethy

I love you and hate what you are going through.

nan and poppy

nanny we miss you, thank you for all the fun we used to have you were a wonderful grandma poppy I hate to see you struggling, i wish for a cure in your life time

Nan Bujak

For my mom, a wonderful women, the best mom ever. I hate that you have this but I will be here for you always.

Nan Fung Hong

Thanks Grandma, for all you've taught me.


Nana, you are one of the strongest people I've ever known. You fight this disease everyday with grace. I love you.


For my nana.


In my heart.


Even when you did not know me, you were still lots of fun! I miss you.


Thanks for all you did for us!


Love you Nana.


I hate what this disease is turning you into, but I still love the person you are. I will always be with you during this. I love you.


This is for my Nana, the mother of my family and the heart of us all. I know my Nana is stronger than this ailment and she will come out on top with the support and love from everyone here.

Nana (Bean)

There is not a day that goes by that you are in my thoughts. I thank God that we all have a truly wonderful angel to watch over us. Love and miss you.

Nana and gramps

THinking of both of you every day.

Nana Bauernfeind

Nana- I love and miss you. Please tell Tobie, Grandpa, John, and Pa that I love and miss them too. Love- Becca

Nana Briscoe

I miss you nana, and think of you often. One day, there will be a cure for this disease. I love you

nana burke

although the light in your eyes is fading.the one in your heart will never go out.

Nana Burke

We never got the chance to really know each other but you are a sweet woman and I know you love/loved everyone of your children and grandchildren. There is light at the end of the tunnel Nana, we love you!

Nana C

Nana, I love you. I know you are sick but I love you very much. I miss the Nana you were & the Nana you were supposed to be!

Nana Callanan

May you rest in peace.

Nana De pasquale

To a Strong, Sweet, Wonderful lady. We miss you!

Nana Julia Karnish

My Nana had this she was a loveing woman until Alzheimer's took her over. I love you NANA

Nana Lil

May this light reach you. There is still hope of a cure.

Nana Marguerite

We fight for those of us who are left behind! We miss you always, . . . .

Nana Pudgy

Find a cure

Nana Sousa

I miss you but will always cherish the memories. Thank you for reminding me of your love and support.....

Nana Webb

Everyday something reminds me of you, especially as I sit here in Florida on vacation...I love you dearly and miss you terribly...Bless you forever. Xoxoxoxo

NaNa Wilfawn

In your memory Nana. We pray for a cure for this horrible disease. Your family

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