Continue to live to the best of your ability, and know that we love you for who you have been in the past, present and now; always and forever...With Love

O. Paul Mansbery

For Our Dad. May they find a cure for this disease so that no other family has to feel that loss. We love you and miss you so very much!

O.Douglas Jones

Im loving memory of my brilliant Father, O. Douglas Jones May 2, 1941 ~ November 3, 2007. I miss you every single day, Daddy. I will love you always. ~Your Sweetpea

Oak Meadows Tenants

Rallying to end Alzheimer's and give us all a brighter future!

Oakwood Assisted Living

To and for all of our Alzheimer Residents

Occie Cole

Mom, we miss you!

O'Connell, Dorothy

I love you oodles! You are in our hearts!

O'Connell, Dorothy ("Mimi")

I love and miss you Mimi!

Octavia Bartob

We Love You Mom more than enough

Odel Adams

Your brilliant mind and vibrant persona will never be forgotten. We are here for you. Love, your wife, children and grandchildren.

Odell Allen

A deveoted husband, father, uncle and brother. His memory lives us through us all as a cherished pillar in our family.

Odell Deiterich

Let's find a cure.

Odelle Adams and Vivian Williams

For my grandmother and great-grandmother. I pray my mother and I are not next!

Odessa Harris

For my mother who passed away with this disease. May you finally have peace.

odette george

keep fighting mom

Odile Beaule Cyr

My loving mother, memories of you keep you alive. I will always love my Mama!

Odile Beaule Cyr

Mom,your light still shines bright within my heart,never to diminish0

Ofelia Betancourt (Nieves)

Mother, I will be your voice as it gradually gets difficult for you to pronounce your own words. "Te Amo Mami" I love you Mom. You still love your children & grandchildren beyond what spoken words can say. Lottie

Ofelia Gonzalez

Thanks for all you have done for us dear mother, I love you with all my heart. We are grateful for your life and for your time with us. I know I will see you again. May God Bless you always. I love you.

Ofir Marcos

Mommy, You did all you knew how. We all love you Mena,Ofir,Alfredo Y Irene

Oh Mom,

Of all the things to come your way, I never dreamnt this would be your journey. I hate the little goodbyes from your Self, even though you're still with us. I will remember for you and with you, as best I can. Thanks for choosing me.

Oiva Olkkola

This is for my grandfather. No other deserves this more. We all love and miss you Pappa! <3

ola mae blackburn


Ola Sharp; Jane Lavender

Holding you in my heart, and the love you are and have always been. God bless you. And God bless those who care for you.

Ole Carl Anderson

We miss you and love you very much.



Olen James Owens

Love and mss you Dad! Here's my fervent prayer that somday no family will. Ever have to suffer again!

Olen Shaver

God rest your soul

Oleta Buzzo

I love you mom

Olga & Eleanor Walker

Watching Eleanor care for her mother, Olga is an example to everyone on how to love selflessly.

Olga Anglero

Mom, you fought the good fight. You were loved by many but especially your family. On your birthday, I honor your life. I love you and wish you were still with us. Your daughter, Laurie

Olga Arana

To my mom who has no clue she has this terrible disease.Lets pray that a cure is found soon before you get worst. Love you mom!

Olga Arthur

For my Mom A wonderful lady. Thank you for raising me and loving me. Though this disease haw robbed you of all memory of me. I know that it has not been able to steal the love that is in your heart. I love you forever and thank you so very much.



Olga Cassidy

This is for my dear, sweet grandmother. She fought so hard to make it as far as she did. She was and will always be an inspiration to my entire family.

Olga De La Cruz

I love you. I will remember you and for you, always...

Olga Gutierrez

To my Mom who I miss so much !

Olga Gutierrez

i love you mom, you are an amazing inspiration...Happy to have all the time i did have with you...

Olga Gutierrez

To my mother-in-law who my wife admires so much!! You are lOved.

Olga Hirsch

to the woman you once were

Olga Iris Anglero

We love you, Mom.

Olga Medina

Mami, this terrible disease took you away from me much too early. Please know, that you live on in my heart always.

Olga Ortega

For my grandmother whose Alzeimers disease really brought her some blessings! She became more approachable and forgot that she had any pains! Love you Grandma

Olga Ortega Uribe

In honor of my mom who continues to fight this disease. We love you!

olga propri

happy Easter mom. i love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again. i know you're dancing your hiney off!!

Olga propri

To my beloved Grandma. It is my hope and prayer that a cure is found soon for this heartbreaking disease that took my grandmother away from us. I love you Grandma and miss you everyday...

Olga Quinones

Mom, we love you.

Olga Rose Propri

Love you and miss you so much Mom.

Olga Rose Propri

Grandma, we love & miss you very much. You fought a long and hard battle against this awful disease & I am so happy that your suffering is over. Grandpa missed you so much & I can't wait to see you both again. You must be so happy to be together again.

Olga Rose Propri

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Grandma, or of my Grandpa who loved you so much and stayed by your side while you fought this disease. I love you and miss you!

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About the Rally

This year, there was unprecedented support for our Virtual Rally. Thank you to the more than 20,000 Alzheimer's Champions from across the country who came online to remember loved ones affected by Alzheimerís.

The success of our Virtual Rally was equaled only by the Candlelight Tribute Rally, which took place at the nation's Capitol on the evening of May 15, 2011, as part of the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum.

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