Continue to be who you are.

R DiMarco

To see my father's memory fade away is heartbreaking. We must do something to fight this horrible disease!

R DiRenzo

I miss you Mom.

R Eicher

I love you dad!

R F Gallego


R Leduc

bonne chance, penses à toi, surtout je comprends ta peur. et ta perte de mémoire, peut être un jour on saura guérir

R. Bennett


R. Bolden

We miss you so much Dad! Love you!

R. Carter

One of the best mothers I've ever met. Always giving, giving, giving. She always thought she gave birth to the best kids in the world. Now her light is fading and we miss her already. God Bless You Mom.

R. D. Kreischer

Thank you for all the good you've done, the support you've provided, and the knowledge you've conveyed. We love you.

R. Everett Abrams

Not a day goes by you are not remembered. The journey was long but I would never trade one day of it. It was an honor to walk with you to the last day. Thanks for all you taught me along the way.

R. Francis

You are the love of my life, my soul mate for all eternity.

R. Johnson

I love you

R. Robert

In memory of all the wonderful people who have lost their lives and all the people who suffer from this awful disease. I pray that a cure be found very soon.

R. Schale

In his memory.


Dad, I learned so much from you about the big picture of life. Your stuggle was long but you rose above it in every way you could. It took your mind but it could never take your soul. Now you are with the Father, mom and our loved ones for eternity.

R.Gower, K.Laiks

Please don't forget our friends


Mom,since this has become part of our lives,things have changed, but we have learned to just live in the moment, because tomorrow could be totally different. We all love you.


Just because you've made me a better person! You inspired me to get my college degree and work with persons with dementia.


Uncle we really miss u.


Thinking of you!

Rachel Driskill aka Granny "D"

Will always love, miss and never forget you, Granny D! You will remain in my heart forever.

Rachel Emanis

You were a wife, mother, grandmother & great grandmother. Mostly you were my best friend. You lost your battle 1yr ago.I however lost the only person who ever loved me just for me. Every day brings me one day closer to meeting you again. I love you mother



Rachel Gibbo

Happy Mother's Day Mom...I hope you know that I love you and will never forget what a great mother you were.

Rachel Grosz

in memory of my mother-in-law Rachel Grosz. Hoping more research will help find a cure.

Rachel Kuhns

My mom was an awesome mother,grandmother,daughter,aunt and friend. She passed away Jan.8,2010 of Alzheimers. I love and miss you mom. Please find a cure!

Rachel Liccione

Mom, We miss you always. Alzheimer's never took all your spirit & light! You endured that terrible journey with grace & strenght. All Our Love, Betty & Bob

Rachel Locken

I love you Grandma, it's all for you and the future of our family!

Rachel M. Groce

I love you Granny

Rachel Murphy,LSW

Rachel & her wonderful Staff provide daily care for 31 residents of the Homestead Unit at Heritage Hall North in Agawam, MA. Prayers for all the Residents, their caregivers, and the wonderful staff. They light up the lives & faces of all our residents.

Rachel Richards


Rachel Siconolfi Pannick

In honor of my beloved mother who passed away on March 9, 2011 from Alzheimer's.

Rachel Valasakos Solimine

Mom, lost you to ALZ 7 yrs before you passed. I think of you everyday still.

Rachel Yonkolowitz

Always thinking of you...

Rada Bruton

I will be a champion in memory of my mother. I wish I'd known more when you were sick.

Rae Matza

Mom, you beautiful woman. I am so sorry you suffered all those years and hope you know that your loving daughter is doing all she can to help people living with Alzheimer's have a better quality of life...until, one day, there is No more Alzheimer's!

Rae Pincus

We love you Rae!!!

Rae Richter

Your stregnth, love for your children and beauty (inside & out) are what you are reembered for! I'm glad you are finallyat peace!

Rae Richter

In loving memory....your daughter, Traci

Rae Weller

In memory of the best Mom in the world. You are greatly missed by the entire family. We pray that someday a cure will be found and others will not have to experience the pain of this cruel disease.

Rae Weller

Mom-Mom, I never got to know you, but people who did tell me that I'm like you in many ways. What a tremendous honor!

Rafael Balderas

I love you dad. You will live forever in my heart and your legacy will continue in the eyes of your grandchildren and all your future grandchildren.

Rafael Santiago

Miss you so much my monkey, gone but not forgotten, love you forever

Rafael Santiago

Sept 3, 2008 my father lost the battle to alz's now we must fight to win the war help fight alz's thank you

Rafael Santiago

Gone but not forgotten

Rafael Zuniga

I need more information to be able to take care of my father with this devastating disease,is very difficult for my mother my family and I to see my lovely father with this terrible disease

Rafaela Garcia

My grandma who has been stong and fighting for years...

Rafaela Melendez

It is very difficult to see you slowly slip threw our fingers.WE all love you

Rafaela Padilla

For my grandmother who is in the middle stages of this desease. I pray that we can be with you and care for you the best way possible. That research continue to find a cure for this desease. Te Amo, Damarys

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