...A existÍncia fŪsica somente possui objetivo quando ť dominada pelo amor..


Light the way to good health.

S Johari, my mother inlow

Rest ib peace now while you can. You had a missrable life witha countiuslly headack which ended up with Alzhimers disaese. Nobody understand you then but I hope that your death help the people to understand other.

S L Richardson

for you Daddy - I work everyday to help make things better for you and for those after you. I love you; don't be afraid, we won't ever leave you.

S. Cail

Praying for a cure one day soon.

s. e.

keep going

S. Malvik

In memory of my Grandmother and to find a Cure for my Mother~

S. Robert Lyons

You are missed

S. Stephen Smith

Dear brother-in-law, you are sorely missed! You were taken much too young. God bless you!


I love you Mother, and miss you but feel your presence always. I know you have found your voice and you are singing with a choir of angels.

Sabina Boyd

I may not know this Aunt well, but I do know she is family and that is all that matters. We love you very much Sabina!

Sachiko Carroll

A 3 year battle...lets find a cure. Love you Mom.


I miss you, Mom!

Sadie Foster

Since my grandmama has Alzheimer's, I have come to the conclusion that I will say "I love you Memawl" every chance I get so that even if she forgets everything else, she'll always remember that she is loved?

Sadie Greenberg, my Nana

To the government: Make the investment that's required to PREVENT this disease within 10 years!

Sadie Miltenburger

To my grandmother, I love you Grandma Sadie.

Sadie Powell

In support of my loving and inspirational grandmother

Sadie Williams

I love you Granny. Keep up the fight!

SAGE Eldercare

Honoring the staff and volunteers who give so much to take care of others in need.

Saku Rasmussen

To my loving mother with whom we lost in 1999 due to Alzheimer's disease that stripped her of her dignity and soul. We miss you!


Please don't forget me

Sall J. Sidoti

always in our hearts. Love forever

Salli Diane Williams Perry

I love you Mommy...Happy Birthday

Sallie Combs

My Mother suffered with this for over ten years..before her death. I send my love and compassion to all caregivers that give of themselves for their love ones .

Sallie Jean Earle

Even though it has been nearly nine years to the day, I still miss you Mom.

Sallie Jean Earle

I love you Mom.

Sallie King

My Dearest Mother, you are now at peace. I love you so very, very much. This last Goodbye is the hardest, but I know you are no longer suffering.

Sallie McCausland

I miss and love you SO much, Mom! Alzheimer's is such a mean disease, and it took you away from us much too soon! I pray for a cure so that no one else, nor their family, has to suffer from it.

Sallie Warfield

My Mother passed away 9 years ago tomorrow. She had the disease for about 4 years. She was a wonderful Mother and did not deserve this awful disease.

Sallie Wesley

Such a strong woman of courage and faith. Her light will always shine, no matter what!


We honor the courage of those suffering from this disease, their caretakers and demand that our country spend more money for research for the cure.


We will travel this road together mom, no matter where it leads. May God bless us all.


The best sister and friend I have ever had!! I miss how we were but the memories will stay in my heart FOREVER!!! She is still with us but we are all heart broken.

Sally (Suzanne) Saar

You fought this disease with a "stiff upper lip" like a true Brit and I was always very proud of you. In some ways the disease brought us closer and I will never forget a second we shared together during your battle. Love always and forever!

Sally and Bruce

For my dear friend's sister and her caregiver/husband--Sally, remembering the happy times; and Bruce, you are such a wonderful husband.

Sally Ann Riley

Love you and miss you mom. Let's end Alzheimer's to honor my mom

Sally Ann Seefeldt

This candle is lit to honor the memory of my loving mother and Grandmother; Sally Ann Seefeldt. My mother was diagnosed with "Early -Onset" at the age of 55. This terrible disease took her from us. She didn't know who I was when the angels took her home..

Sally Bell McLean

Greatgrandmother, I miss you. I honor you with this candle to show that you have not been forgotten.

Sally Braht

Mom ... You are such a lady and I miss the light in your eyes. We love you.

Sally Brantley

Mom - I miss you so much!!

Sally Cardonick/Larry Cardonick

Mom/Larry This is a dreadful disease that is so hard to understand. We are there for you. Roni

Sally D

Thank- you for being my mother

Sally Davis

I light this candle for my Mom,who has taught how to love,pray, and everything about life that should ever come faced with. I love her with all my heart

Sally Genest

Miss you Mom.....I teach my students about how to care for patients with Alzheimers....you taught ME what this disease does to loved ones. Thank you MOM

Sally Holevinski

Mom, we LOVE you very much. We are so sorry that you had to get diagnosed with this disease. You are to young. You have been the BEST person I have ever known. We will always be here to take care of you Thank you for being the BEST MOM EVER!!

Sally Horstmann

After six years, I still miss you mom! Here is to finding a cure!

Sally Hover for my precious mother Betty Sands

She is physically still with us but the pain of "losing" her is horrible.

Sally Hughes

Mom, I am so sorry you have been afficted with this horrible disease. I am doing my part to find a cure. Love You, Holly

Sally Janke

Happy Birthday Aunt Sally! Thank you for all the memories of holiday get-togethers and Mary Kay. Teaching me how to put on makeup and what colors work best for me :) you are a blessing ... I love you and miss you.

Sally Janke

Happy Birthday, Mom. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Love you so much.

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