To our Mom, Grandma, Who is currently living with this very cruel disease.Through her terrible suffering she has displayed grace and continued faith.This truly is an example that terrible things happen to wonderful, beautiful people. Love, Your Family




God please bless everyone who has to live with this disease & their precious loved ones.

T Jenkins

finding solutions together

T Masten

Even though your memories of me are fading each and every day, my memories of you will stay with me forever, I love you Dad

T. Y. Tsui

To my late grandfather who battled Alzheimer's Disease for so long, may you always rest in peace and find comfort in a better place.


This candle is lit in honor of my dad who is now living with this disease. God bless all those who are affected by it.

tabby reid

To my loving mother that is still with us today. I thank Jesus every day she is with us. We found out in 2004 she had Alzheimer. What a tuff they a family has to go through. Love u mother


I love you, sweetie. This is a long journey, but I am with you every step of the way.

Tad Myers

To Tad, the best dad, storyteller, writer, believer, magic-bean buyer, baby-holder, grandpa, friend, companion, husband to my mama, listener, but more generally story-teller, singer, beloved to all...here's to you. We all love you dad!!!

Tad Myers

To my favorite man on the planet-my Dad. May he be happy and feel so deeply loved as he travels down this trecherous road. My prayers are with him and all those who are and have suffered through this! May the powers that be find a cure AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Tad Seaman

I light this candle to support my father, and best friend, Tad Seaman

Takach, William

Always in our Hearts. Always in our thoughts. We love and miss you.

Takach, William

For my Dad. We love and miss you.

Takano Dairiki

To all those I care for on a daily basis, their families, and for my own grandmother... this candle is for you:)

Tammy Guzman

In memory of my beloved grandmother, Dorothy Brown. I am so thankful for the Alzheimer's Association and their information, help and training.

Tana Erbe

I love you Mom. You are an inspiration to us all.

Tante Simone

Thank you

Tanya Fleener and Katherine Ziemer

May you always shine

Tanya J Fleener

I light this candle for my wife Tanya who is starting to feel the ravages of Younger onset Alz. I remember for her because she cant.

Tara Howard

I love you forever.

Tara Lee Fox---6/6/1955 to 7/26/2010

My beloved sister, Tara Lee, died of Early-on-set Alzheimer's at 55 years of age. This sweet and kind person was always happy and kind to everyone. We miss her every day.


Just because...you will always be with us. Love u!!! Thanks for being my grandma.

Taz Puckett

for my mom


In honor of my dad who is living with this horrible disease

Ted Amort

I loving memory of Grandpa Ted

Ted and Ann Schmuckie

With God you both are well and whole once more.

Ted Brewer

We miss you every day, Dad. But are glad you no longer have to suffer and bear the frustration of the disease. Love you!

Ted Campbell

My husband is the best person I know and now he is in early stage ALZ. I'm afraid of what is going to happen, but I take every day at one step at a time. Please God help all of us....Ted's wife

Ted Coulter

We love you very much Gramps!!

Ted Coulter

i miss you every day daddy!

Ted Cregg

Please, please fund research to find a cure for Alzheimer's. It is heartbreaking to see a loved one become a victim of this disease and not be able to do anything to help them.

Ted Dement

Ted, you'll always and forever by my Sweetheart. I love you with all my heart.

Ted Greuey

We will forever remember your spirit, your wit and your love of your family.

Ted Hout

For my uncle in Fl. that I have not seen in years but he wouldn't know me now...for his family.

Ted Kudla

Dad even though you are no longer here. We made some beautiful memories that I will treasure always. I miss you.

Ted Lennick

Let's find a cure FAST!

Ted Lennick

Lets figure this thing out now before it impact others

Ted Reynolds

We Love you Grandpa!

Ted Snyder

I light this candle for you grandpa! You have given the whole family so much love now its time we give you love , stay stong xoxo

Ted Tanski

Love you Daddy!

Ted Tecco

In memory of my Grampa Tecco <3

Ted Tewksbury

Much loved father.

Ted Tinker

I love and miss you daddy. You meant the world to me and I'm so sorry you had to go through this dreadful disease!! But I know you and mom are finally together again in a better place!

Teddy Baxter

You are gone but not forgotten, or will you ever be forgotten. You couldn't understand what was happening to you, or how much we loved you.

Teddy R. Whitaker

I love you, Dad.

Temisto (Papi) Burgos


Temisto Burgos

Johnny, you are greatly missed. I am so lucky to have known you and to be a part of your life, we miss you very much and think of you all the time. Bingo-Ka-Ba! Love Vikki

Temisto Burgos

We love and miss you papi,you are always in our thoughts and prayers...Happy Birthday

Temple Stark

Always in my heart.

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