UG & Betty Robertson

I lost both my parents in 2010 within 4 months of each other to this horrid disease. I miss them dearly and pray there will be a cure before my children have to go through this with me. I miss you mom and dad! C U in heaven!


Honoring all the volunteers fighting for this cause...

Ulela Beets

In memory of my grandmother.

Uli Lakes

To Uncle Uli, I love you

Ulla Johansson

Mormor-I think of your struggles, your confusion and your unpredictable new life with Alzheimers. Know that you are loved and that I wish my arms could reach across the miles to wrap around you. I miss you.

Ulysses H. Howe

Pop, your forever in my heart

Ulysses Manny Howe

We are so proud of how you have raised our family! We love you always!!

Una Provence

I work at a nursing home and Una Provence is one lady that has truely been effected by Alzheimers. I pray she gets any help she needs.

uncle b

my uncle

Uncle Barney

Saying a prayer for all of the familes living with this very sad disease.

Uncle Bill

Love, respect, and admiration to Uncle Bill, who is managing gracefully through this unfair disease.

Uncle Bob

A generous funny loving individual

Uncle Bob & Aunt Yola

In Blessed memory of Robert Kennedy and Yola Spinella who both lost their fights within the last few years. You will remain always in our hearts. God Bless!

Uncle Cecil

I'm caring for you!

Uncle Charles "Buck" Byfield

May you rest in peace now Uncle Buck as you begin your new life today with Christ where your mind and body will never again have the troubles of Alzheimer's. We love you will be missed. May your rest in eternal peace.

Uncle "CHIP"

Your loved dearly & prayers are with you, Have hope & faith & to your loving strong & couragous wife aunt GINA we love u bebe xoxo

Uncle Chuck

I miss you, though you are still here. Love you!

Uncle Don Alwine

We love you so much and are so sorry that you are dealing with such a terrible time in your life.

Uncle Eldon

May you never be forgotten

Uncle Floyd

In loving memory of my Uncle Floyd I hope to encourage others to become an advocate for the Alzheimer's Association and help us join the fight to end Alzheimers'.

Uncle Herbert

In memory of you,Uncle Herbert.

Uncle Jerry

Keep fighting - we love you

Uncle Jesse, Uncle Ken English

I honor both of you and all of our family who have or have already died from AD. I am following you with the same horror. Diagnosed 2009. RIP

Uncle Joe

To my husband's uncle

Uncle Joe

You will always be loved and remembered by your family.

Uncle Joe, Uncle Bruno, Mom, Dad, Jen's Dad& Mom

Enjoy every day you have them here.

Uncle Pat

In memory.

Uncle Pete A. Bennett

I love you Uncle Pete! As I said to Dad, keep on keeping on!

Uncle Peter

Love you and miss you Uncle Pete!

Uncle Ralph

Your Good Humor continued on in spite this terrible disease. We miss you !

Uncle Reno Righetti and Grandma Calderone

Two very special people in my life have gone home. I miss you so very much. You are in my heart forever and ever. I love you. Gigi

Uncle Robert

Love you Uncle Robert. Too bad Alzheimer's took you from us.

Uncle Son, Aunt Brownie, Aunt Budge, Aunt Evelyn

In honor of my great aunts & uncle whose lives were robbed by this disease. I pray we find a cure SOON!

Uncle Tom

We love you Uncle Tom! And we miss Aunt Mary!

Uncle Tony

To my uncle and all those who have been affected by this terrible disease, family and caregivers as well. We will find a cure!

Uncle Walt

For my uncle that just recently passed from this illness, for being a generous and wonderfull person that many people have came to love

Uncles Bud & Ken Rogers

For all my aunts and uncles

Uncles Bud & Ken Rogers

We won't forget

Unger, Patricia

We love you truly dear. Always and forever our Mommy. XXOOXO, Lauren and Leslie


For those who have no one to light a candle for them.


I love you.

Urbana Vazquez

Mommy although I lost you to Alzheimer's I know that you can feel the love I have for you.

Urgil Douglas

Dad, miss you every day!!!

Ursula Hall

We love you Aunt Uschi!

Ursula Reymont

To my motherinlaw who suffers with this illness, and also all the wonderful seniors I work with daily may we one day find a cure.

Ursula Reymont

You are so dear to me. I love you Mom!

Ursulo V Ortiz

You fought a courteous battle with such dignity. We miss you terribly. You were the backbone of our family. You our in our hearts and your spirit will never die. O

Uyvonne Smith Andrews

Lit in your memory Mama, & to honor Daddy, your loving caregiver. We love & miss you, but all the sweet memories of your smiles & laughter, hugs & kisses,loving support, life lessons taught, & Christian example you lived will be forever be in our hearts!!

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About the Rally

This year, there was unprecedented support for our Virtual Rally. Thank you to the more than 20,000 Alzheimer's Champions from across the country who came online to remember loved ones affected by Alzheimerís.

The success of our Virtual Rally was equaled only by the Candlelight Tribute Rally, which took place at the nation's Capitol on the evening of May 15, 2011, as part of the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum.

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