I miss you!


God Bless you, Mom. You had 10 diffiecult years with this dreaded disease. May they one day find something to ease it. Peace!

V. Luna

I love you papa!!!

V.F. Tulley

Very sad to see people with this terrible disease. Hope we can find a cure soon.

V.T. Rector, III

My V.T., you fought a gallant battle with limited help from our health system. I promise to continuee the fight for others who suffer with Alzheimer's. Those who have to endure this tragic disease deserve the BEST care. Until heaven, then forever--Sue

Vaikuntam perippa

Goodluck! God Bless!


Your love, grace and wisdom live on Mom. Will love you forever, nel

Val Parfitt

miss you more every day

Val Swanson

For my father whom I adore, please know that if I could make this disease go away and give you back the true you, I would in a heartbeat. Every moment is a gift, you are a gift to our family, we love and pray for you every day. You are my hero. Summer


It is a honor to serve those with memory loss. The daily hugs and smiles, a gentle thank you makes what I do everyday meaningful.They give so much back in return.

Valeria Szafran

Mom, I think of you every day. Even though I miss you more than anything, I'm glad your pain is over, and you're with the Lord.

Valeria Szafran

I love you ma.

Valerie E. Poland

We all miss you Mom! Alzheimer's disease is insidious and your family is fighting to stop it. The 59 years you were here on this Earth were cut too short but your legacy lives on.

Valerie Kuhns

I love you and miss you grandma!!


You are in my prayers. I'm a friend of your wife's mother. Stay optimistic. A cure will be found.

Vance Moreira

We hope you are feeling good. Enjoyed our lunch together last month. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love Val and Vern

Vance Moreira

You are at the top of my list as a friend, and a courageous, wonderful man. We love you lots!

Vance Moreira

In support of my Loving Husband ... Vance, I will walk with you each step of the way on our new journey in Life. You will remain my Forever and we will persevere!

Vance Moreria

We're proud of of you and know you will succeed. Love Jackie and Warren.

Vance Moriera

Don't forget to wipe good, Love Tad

Vangie Hernandez

I miss the only person who could be a mother to me. Thank you for the strengh you gave me to carry on.

Vangie Hernandez

We remember you, even though you forgot us. We loved you always. We will walk to honor you and fight this disease that took you from us. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. we will be there.

Vangie Redmond

Cole's YaYa, my mom, a great woman. You are missed everyday. Alz stole you from us twice but you showed your love and we showed you our love. You are thought of and missed everyday. We love you.

Varda Uni

I miss my grandma. I miss my uncle. It was so hard to watch them disappear

Vardaman & Vivian Colley

In memory of my grandparents who both had this horrible disease.


To my wonderful mom. Keep fighting the fight and let's find a cure for this horrific disease. Never lose faith and hope!


Mom, in honor of your beautiful life that this horrible disease has taken over. I love you dearly and wish you peace and comfort for the remainder of life here on earth.

Vaso Kounalakis

Theia Vaso, We love you very much. Praying for a cure!! Maragakis Family

veda alderman

miss you every day this awful disease took you from us to soon!

Veda Belle Thompson

I see you whenever I look into the mirror-I miss you mom.

Veda E. Chilton (1925-2011)

We love and miss you Grammy.

Veda Jeck

Love you Grandma

Veda Miller

For my grandma. Hopefully a cure is found someday and you will be able to remember who I am. Till that day no matter what I will always love you and be here for you!

Vela NeSmith

Praying for you

Velda Tyler

To the worlds best Mom. I love you and miss you every day


A brilliant nurse, until ALZ stole her mmind.

Velma Allen

My wonderful 90 year old Mom passed away 3 months ago with Alzheimer's. She was loved by SO many. She is restored in Heaven, and we will see her again.

Velma Branscome

In honor of someone special whom I love and miss very much.

Velma Car-Skaden

Remebering you always. Love you, grandma.

Velma Christine Mattox

To honor my mother who fought the good fight, but suc bed to AD after 8 years.

Velma Crocetti

Miss you and love you very much!

Velma Fetters

We must do everything we can to fight this terrible disease. To honor and remember its victims...

Velma Hibbard

For my mother-in-law, a woman whose example of generosity, love, patience, laughter and courage is the legacy for our familyís future generations. We miss you!

Velma Lankford

This is in loving memory of my Mother. She was a light in my life. I miss you Mama.You made me the woman that I am today.

Velma Lorene Loehr (Rene)

Love and miss you Grandma,we (lost) you years before you were gone, looking forward to seeing you again in Heaven. Give Grandpa and Dad hugs and kisses!

Velma Louella Kelsch

This is for my Mom, who lived with Alzheimers for 10 + years. She was always a beautiful person, inside and out. She has been at peace for 3 years and I still miss her soooo much. Lou

Velma Matkin Leonard

In memory of my beloved Nana428079

Velma Matthew

So happy to see you smiling again, Mom, since you've moved to the assisted living Connections program. Being around more people regularly has made you a happier person!

Velma Momich

Love you a bushel and a peck, Mum ... and miss you every day. You will forever be my hero. xxoo -Your Betsy

Velma Richardson Bray

I love you, Mama, and miss you terribly. I wish I could have my mom back the way she used to be.

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