My mom my best freand i miss you i love you with all my hart.

W H Sinlgey

Dad, I miss you every single day. I often think of Mom saying, she neve saw anyone leave your office without a smile on their face. I will always remember that last smile you gave me. I think you really recognized and knew me at that moment. Pinky

W Hughes

I love my Dad but I see him slipping away day by day.

W Kay Schlagle

You fought this disease with grace and dignity, you are my angel. Rest in peace.

W. Harold Lynch

For my dad Harold Lynch who suffered from alzeimers and ultimately lost the battle. I love and miss you so much Dad! I pray everyday that a cure is found for this horrific disease.

W.C.Bush JR.

I love you Daddy

W.L. Corbin, Sr.

What a devastating disease. I have supported this in the past. God Bless and heal all the victims.

Wagner, Marcia

In loving memory to a special aunt who touched my life and the lives of all who had the opportunity to have her in theirs.

Wah Ho Chan

Wah Ho was told he had Alzheimeer's at age 58; he is now 61, has lost his career and his driver's license, but continues to live with grace and humor, supported by loving family and friends.

Walden Chaffin

Mr Walden you were a special and kind man. The little while that I got to know you I could tell that you really loved your wife, family and your job. You were a man with a kind and caring heart and soul.

Waldir Pedersoli

Dad, we miss you and think of you often. We love you!

Wall, Doyle F

With the utmost respect, rest in peace.

Wall, Doyle F.

In honor of my father, Doyle F. Wall. I love you, Daddy!!!

Wallace Combest

This part of the world is a lonely place without you. You are missed every minute of every day by someone who loves you.

Wallace Combest

Miss you dad!

Wallace Combest (POP)

Love you Pop!

Wallace Dickens

Miss you Papoo. <3

Wallace E. McDaniel

My pappaw died from ALZ in 2007. He was perfectly healthy except for ALZ. The hardest part for me was the point he no longer knew who I was! For 27 years there was a light in his eyes when he would see me. I will never forget the day that light was gone!

Wallace Pitchford

In loving memory of my grandfather

Wallace, Dr. Stuart

Here's to the eight children working to find a cure.

Walling, Louise

To everyone affected by this disease, my thoughts and prayers are with you. My mother passed due to Alzheimer-related complications on 03/14/11. It's heartbreaking to lose a loved one bit by bit, day by day. Let our voices be heard - find a cure!

Wally and Ginny Murphy

I miss both of you every single day. My life just isn't the same. Love you both. You are finally together.

Wally Jaep

Dad, you were the best! We will always love you and will never forget how you always made people laugh. You were always a hero, from being a staff sgt. in WWII, to being a fireman. Suffering from Alzheimers was just terrible. Hope a cure is found soon!

Wally Jaep

Love and miss you grandpop. Hope a cure is found soon for this horrible disease.

Wally Rook

Wally was a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He is greatly missed.

Wally Young

To the best Dad a gal could ever ask for. I miss you so very much. Thanks for checking in on me now and again (13). Keep the horses saddled up - I can't wait to ride with you again. Love you.

Walnut Grove

To all those nursing home bound!

Walsh, Mary Ann

In loving memory of Mom and Grandma


iN hONOR OF Denise


I hope your at peace now.

Walt Koenig

Dad, The you we knew & loved is gone most of the time-consumed by this terrible disease. Hopefully a cure will come soon. Terri, Larry, & Nicholas

Walter and Eleanore Hendzell

Miss you Grandpa and love you Grandma!

Walter and Virginia Murphy

Love and miss you both.{{{hugs}}}

Walter Bales

I love my grandpa sooo much. I just wish he could remember.. but I try my hardest to help him :) Because I love him.. and I want him to remember <3

Walter Bjork

I am so sorry this happened to you, my dear husband, and will always look after you.

Walter Campbell

Dad, thank you for the legacy of love and faithfulness that you have left for your family. You are an amazing man of God and you are my hero. i love you more than you'll ever know. Love, your daughter, Patty

Walter Chase

Walter is daily braving the fight against A.D. by being his gentle self, smiling, working hard to walk & responding to his loving family and caregivers.

Walter Dow

We miss and love you Papa! Love: Roselyn, Scott, Karen, Emily, Peter, Jerilyn, Janine, Mike, and Eric

Walter Dzwileski

He is my hero. He is a precious father who is loved very much and is still with us fighting to the end. i treasure every word spoken between us.

Walter Francis Sullivan

The end of Alzheimer's starts with my family and me. I light this candle to shine a light on this relentless terminal disease and the need to end it with research . I light this candle for my Dad and my 4 sons "Poppy" and all those impacted by Alzheimer's

Walter Frank Anderson

I miss you dad!

Walter Gholston

Daddy, I love you and I know that I am in your heart.

Walter Holtkamp

My treasured husband who is living with the disease with grace, humor where possible and courage.

Walter Howerton and Ruth Rosenblatt

The end of Alzheimer's Starts with Me

Walter J kline

I love you, I miss you and I know you will never forget us. R.I.P Daddy, Don't be scared anymore

Walter Jackson

Missing you lots, Daddy. Your loving daughter, Barbara Kantola

Walter Jacobs

Still missed

Walter L. "Scotty" Marshall

Love you always, Dad. Your daughter, Connie

Walter Lee Webb Jr.

To my dad. I Love You.

Walter Marcolli

Thankyou Dad for being a great Father

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