Z Boitel

For my Mother who is in Hospice with Late Stage Alzheimers. Also everyone else affected by this horrible disease. God Bless

zahra Alavi

I witnessed my mother's suffering and would like to help finding the cause and cure for it. My dera mother we all loved you and suffered for you.

Zahra Patel

Keep up the good work!

Zale Teman

Zale was my 1/2 siter's husband who suc bed to Alzheimers's. My sister cared for him for many years both in her home and anusing home. I have also worked with patients who have Alzhimer's disease as an RN.

Zale Teman

My beloved husband who tried so hard to fight it. We miss you so much. At peace.


Such wonderful memories, so many lessons of life to follow. You will be forever in my heart. Your wife, Carmen

Zbigniew "Casey" Cichy

I am lighting this candle for my dad, who is fighting dementia. He is a different man now. We miss the man you used to be, but still love you now!

Zedia Miller

In loving memory of my beloved Aunt Zedia. You are gone but truly not forgotten by many who loved and cared for you. I Thank God for the time that he gave you to us!I love and miss you dearly! Your niece, Jessie

Zedia Miller

To a wonderful, loving and caring mother who lost the battle in 2008 to this dreadful disease. I think of you everyday.

Zedia Miller

Thanks Mom for all the things you did for all of us and the many sacrifices to make sure we had the opportunity to enrich our lives.

Zeinab Ayache

My beautiful and amazing mother, I miss you soooo. You are with me every day -always in my heart and on my mind.By God's will, hope to meet you and Dad one day...

Zeinab K. Ayache

Forever in my heart and never to part, my love for you will go and my eyes will will always see your candle light. My most precious.

zella rose reavis

love you miss you so much it hurts so much I LOVE YOU MOM,,,RAYMOND

Zella ( ma )

I miss you every day , with much love to a beautiful woman and mother..

zella sexton

this one's for you MOM!

Zelma G Mull

I'll always be here for you mom. Love ya always and forever

Zelma Hobbs

In loving memory of my mother, Zelma Hobbs.

Zelma "Tootie" Miles

In memory of my mom, Tootie Miles, who struggled for many years with this horrible disease, and also for her two sisters who also had it and for another who is currently fighting the good fight.

Zelma Wardrip

My mother fought this terrible disease for 7 years. It is time we find a cure. I miss her very much, but am thankful she doesn't have to endure Alzheimers any more.

Zema Caruthers

In loving memory of a very special woman, our beloved Aunt Zelma. Love Always

Zenowiy Kassaraba

Dad, we miss you everyday. Chrystyna

Zetta Selby

My Mom who is fighting a galent battle with Alzheimer's at this time. I know that she won't be with me much longer but she has given me the courage to continue with all that I must do to preserve her diginity through all this. I love and honor her daily


You were our candle, you were the light of my life.

Zina Sirianni

to my mom who suffers daily with ALZ may she find peace and know she is loved so much. The cure is closer than we think!

Zoe Stearns

Grandma we love and miss you dearly.



Zoila O

Mami I love u and I always will,I Know that things are tough but we will get through this

Zola Fast

You'll always be remembered. I miss and love you always mamma....

Zulema R. Flores

Alzheimer's desease came like a theif and took our mother's dignity, thinking, reasoning, & remembering. At the end took her memory, vision and physical being from us. Mom you were so brave & we all love you in our hearts & miss u. griselda

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