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Through the Eyes of A Person With Dementia

In late 2017, the Milwaukee County Department on Aging and the Alzheimer's Association, Wisconsin Chapter, partnered together to create a series of six videos that would portray different challenging scenarios from the point of view of a person living with dementia. These videos were funded by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services through an Innovation Grant. 

These videos illustrate what might be a typical approach to a situation followed by an approach which is actually more beneficial to the person living with dementia and the person helping them. 
These videos are recommended for use in new employee orientation, in-service training, first responder or law enforcement roll calls, or in in other learning environments as a discussion tool.

For the Facilitator:

Facilitator Guide

Through the Eyes of A Person with Dementia Presentation

Training Videos (six part series)


Contact the Milwaukee County Department on Aging for more information.