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Allyson Olivier, Walk Chair, Former Board of Directors, Port Washington, Ozaukee County

“I know there is no cure, but I want us to find the first survivor.”
Allyson has been volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association for over 15 years. She joined the board of directors and served two terms, and still serves on the fund development committee. She has a personal connection, as her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after she joined the board. “I learned a lot about caring for my mom and I understand what a sensitive dynamic it is when talking with families. I’m grateful when I hear of new drug trials; I know there is no cure, but I want us to find the first survivor.”

Allyson was also instrumental is creating the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Ozaukee County four years ago. She had participated in Alzheimer’s walks in the past and wanted to have one for her community “The goal of the Walk is awareness and fundraising,” says Allyson. “I don’t want anyone to get Alzheimer’s and we all have to do our part.”

Allyson has created a unique event to create awareness for Alzheimer’s and support caregivers: A Women’s Garden Party. “I wanted to create a day to have fun,” says Allyson. “Women are caregivers and it takes a toll on them and their families. They don’t realize when they are in physical or emotional crisis and I want them to take care of themselves. The party is for caregivers and their loved ones. The only dress code is, BYOT (Bring Your Own Tiara). When my mom was living, she loved the party and celebrating women.”  Allyson holds the event every few years and welcomes donations.

Allyson was a caregiver for her mom. She recalls, “Eight months before she passed, I took my mom shopping and she saw a big white flower ring that she had to have. The white symbolizes a cure and I wear the ring today in her memory.”