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Why I Got Involved

Alzheimer's Association Champions and Zenith members share why they got involved with our mission.
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Darlene Shiley - Running time 2:38

How Association funds are used

How Association funds are used - pie chart

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Why I got involved - Zenith Society members share their stories

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Marshall Gelfand & Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns - Running time 4:29

"My father came to me and said that there are a lot of things we cannot do to take care of mom because she is fading. But I do know there are some things we can do. We decided to set up The Judy Fund."



Darlene Shiley - Running time 2:38

"Sometimes you just want to sit down and cry. But I finally found a way to channel it. The way I channeled it was to start Funding a Difference. I listened to the scientists talk, and I thought, Ok, I'm a part of this – I'm doing something. It takes a little bit of the pain away."



Larry Jodsaas - Running time 1:31

"One of the things I have learned over time is that as we have the ability to give back to society, we have the responsibility to do that."



John Osher - Running time 4:02

"When my father passed away from Alzheimer's disease, it was logical for me to spend time and money to fight it. I could see research was starting to round the corner and felt that my involvement could matter."



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