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Why I Got Involved

Alzheimer's Association Champions and Zenith members share why they got involved with our mission.
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Darlene Shiley - Running time 2:38

How Association funds are used

How Association funds are used - pie chart

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Alzheimer's Association meets all 20 Better Business Bureau Charity Standards

Today, there are more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer's. Zenith members can make a difference in their lives — and the lives of future generations.

One Vision, Many Ways to Invest

Ending Alzheimer’s will require innovation, creativity and risk-taking. It will take the coordinated efforts of the greatest minds in the scientific world and a global community of support. It will depend upon our ability to identify trends and opportunities early and to marshal the resources to quickly respond.

Above all, ending Alzheimer’s will take leadership and vision.

The leadership of our generous donors has driven many of our greatest achievements in the past few years. Philanthropic investment has fueled research breakthroughs with tremendous promise, changed the way support is delivered and accessed, created momentum for Alzheimer’s as a national policy priority, and raised awareness of our cause.

We offer a range of powerful investment opportunities in research, care and support, advocacy, and awareness:

Join the Zenith Society: The Zenith Society is an elite group of global philanthropists that works directly with the Association’s medical and scientific leadership to identify and launch the most innovative and promising research ventures. Members join the Zenith Society with a gift of at least $1 million.

To learn more, please contact Leadership Giving at leadershipgiving@alz.org.


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