The Alzheimer's Association Project ECHO connects leading dementia care specialists with community care providers to offer free dementia care training. Leveraging the ECHO model, we aim to ensure that individuals and communities have access to equitable, timely and high-quality dementia care. We support this effort through two avenues:

About Project ECHO

Project ECHO, or "Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes," is a virtual community that brings mentoring and support from teams of specialists to primary care and long-term care providers. Expert specialist teams are typically from regional organizations, academic medical centers or other health systems that serve as the hub, with community practices joining as participants.

Project ECHO uses this model to disseminate knowledge and build capacity around the globe. It has grown to include thousands of ECHO programs in over 200 countries to improve access to high-quality care for nearly 100 health conditions and other categories.

An illustration of the ECHO network, with a specialist team at the center branching out to ECHO participants and the broader community.

Start an ECHO program for dementia care

To start a new dementia-focused ECHO program, your organization must be an existing ECHO hub or become a new ECHO hub. This process includes training and becoming an official partner with the ECHO Institute. As a Superhub, the Alzheimer’s Association can help facilitate this process.

Benefits of Project ECHO hubs include:

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Expanded access to dementia care for people in underserved areas and improved patient experiences.

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Increased workforce confidence to diagnose and manage Alzheimer's and other dementia.

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Rapid dissemination of dementia care best practices and mentoring opportunities for care providers.

Ready to get started? Learn about the steps to launch an ECHO hub.

Get training through the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care ECHO Program

The Alzheimer's Association ECHO program offers evidence-based dementia care training courses for professionals. Primary care practices and professional care providers can build their expertise and become leaders in dementia care.

Program details

  • Courses consist of 6-12 one-hour video sessions.
  • Eligible for continuing education credit.
  • Free to participate.

Primary care practices

This course for health systems and medical professionals focuses on diagnosis, management and care.

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Professional care providers

This course emphasizes high-quality, person-centered care in long-term care and community-based settings.

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The Alzheimer's Association ECHO Superhub is supported by:

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